The Right Weight Loss Supplements Can Really Help You Shed Excess Pounds

Weight loss supplements are some of the most sought after health products, as losing excess pounds can significantly improve your health and lower your risk of heart disease and other serious conditions.

Here you can find an exhaustive list of diet supplements and products, most of which have significant clinical data and research studies supporting their use and efficacy.

You'll also find links to information about fat burners, carb blockers, diet pills targeting men and women, cortisol inhibitors, as well as prescription drugs that you can take.

We sift through the god and the bad, so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to shedding the excess pounds.

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Diet Supplements, Reviews & Articles

Latest Articles

Herbalife vs. Isagenix vs Shakeology - How do these weight loss/supplement companies stack up and can you make a business out of it?

Are there vitamins for weight loss? - Find out what you'll need to take to lose weight effectively.  A combination of vitamins and other nutrients may just be the answer.

The Rise and Fall of Miracle Weight Loss Herbs - These 6 fad diet herbs have all been touted as the answer to the obesity problem. But which ones actually work and which are unsubstantiated? Find out more about these "miracle" herbs.

Ten Herbs To Speed Up Your Metabolism - A list of ten powerful herbal extract that can boost your metabolism and get you on your way to losing weight naturally.

Does Hydroxycut Work? - Read our latest review and discover if these popular weight loss supplements are right for you.

Alphabetical Supplements/Diet Issues

Acai Reviews - Is this powerful berry as potent a diet supplement as it's claimed to be? Find out about the known benefits and studies here.

Accelis Diet Pills - Supposedly an all natural diet supplement containing corosolic acid, it actually has many chemical fillers and little active ingredient.

Adipex Dangers - One of the first prescription diet pills, Adipex side effects can be signficant and may not be the best choice for losing weight.

Apple Cider Vinegar - Touted as a fat burner, this supposed diet supplement is not as helpful as you are being led to believe! There are much better options when it comes to losing a few pounds and healthy weight loss supplements.

Benefits of Chromium Picolinate - A popular ingredient in many diet products, studies point to both benefits and dangers associated with chromium supplementation.

Bontril Diet Pills - Prescription pills can help you lose weight, but they are rife with potential side effects such as mood swings and dependency...are they better than natural alternatives?

Carb Blocker Pills - Learn about fat and carb blocker supplements and how they may have unpleasant side effects, making a diet alternative to carb blockers pills a safer alternative.

CLA Supplement - A natural fatty acid found in meat and dairy, it may help promote lean muscle and decrease fat levels.

Cortislim Reviews - A new weight loss product that takes a different approach...but does it work?

Cortisol Blockers - New weight loss products that regulate cortisol levels may not be the most effective diet pills.

Diet Pills That Work - Discover supplements that can help stave off hunger and help you lose weight safely and effectively.

Diet to Lower Cholesterol - Learn how to lower cholesterol by making specific dietary changes, reducing your intake of high risk foods.

Do Carb Blockers Work? - The effectiveness of carb blockers is unknown, and there's not much evidence proving they really work.

Does Leptoprin Work? - Recently pulled off the market, weight loss stimulant Anorex claimed to alter genetic predesposition to obesity.

Does Meridia Work? - Prescription drug with numerous side effects, Meridia effectiveness might be outweighed by the potential adverse reactions to these pharmaceutical diet medication.

Ephedra Free Weight Loss - Because prducts containing ephedra were banned, there have been a new crop of ephedra free diet pills on the market. Find out if these weight loss supplements work.

Estrin D Reviews - New diet pills targetting women...find out if these supplements worth trying or if they are just another diet scam.

EverSlim Weight Loss Product - Learn about this herbal supplement that promises 3.5 times as much loss as diet and exercise alone. Our EverSlim review shows that this pill targeting women might be subpar and contain little active ingredient.

Fad Diets Don't Work - Find out why these quick weight loss solutions just don't help you keep the pounds off...and how they are actually dangerous for your health.

Five Weight Loss Herbs - Part of our new series of 5 herbs for various conditions, find out which ones can help you lose extra pounds effectively.

5HTP Appetite Suppressants - Some of these serotonin precursor supplements were found with contaminants, making some consumers wary. Learn about these diet pills and if they can be helpful.

Glucophage For Weight Loss - One of the latest trends in dieting is taking this diabetes medication, generic name metformin, as it helps regulate blood sugar levels. However, there are many potential side effects to contend with.

Green Tea & Weight Loss - Learn about this natural therapeutic herb and how it may help you lose weight naturally without the problems associated with prescription medications.

Herbal Weight Gain Supplements - Sometimes you need to gain weight due to illness or injury. Find out about natural supplements that can help you add the pounds you lost.

Hollywood Juice Diet - Find out about the Hollywood miracle juice diet and if it has any merit.

Hoodia Gordonii Appetite Suppressants - Although this herbal supplement shows promise, most hoodia weight loss pills do not contain the active ingredient, P57.

How much water to lose weight? - Drinking water for weight loss is quite much is the right amount?

Lean System 7 Review - Relatively new fat burner with the controversial ingredient 7-keto, a derivative of prohormone DHEA.

Lipovarin Reviews - Outrageous claims make this diet product dubious at best. Find out more about this supplement.

Metabolife Complete - Serious allegations have plagued the owners of this popular dietary supplement.

Prescription Diet Pills - Learn about the dangers of prescription diet drugs and discover how they can lead to health complications after you stop taking them. Natural alternatives such as green tea, hoodia and garcinia may offer a safer option.

Propolene Weight Loss - One of the many new weight loss supplements flooding the market, Propolene is a fiber pill that gives you a sense of being bloated.

Relacore Reviews - Similar to another product, Cortislim, it takes a different approach to weight loss. By affecting cortisol levels brought on by stress, the manufacturer claims to offer a solution to the problem.

Relora Appetite Suppressant - Diet product that balances cortisol levels in an attempt to help you lose weight naturally.

Solidax ADX - A new diet supplement with few weight loss ingredients and little scientific evidence backing up its claims. 

South Beach Diet Reviews - One of the most popular "fad diets" of the past few years, discover what it's all about and why it may not be the best option for you.

Suvaril Reviews - A relatively new weight loss product that appears to be nothing more than a multivitamin.

Trim Spa Side Effects - Find out why Trim Spa and other popular diet pills can have short term and long term negative effects on your body's health. You're a lot worse off when you stop taking these pills than you were before.

Weight Loss Programs - Learn about the dangers of weight loss programs and the negative long term effects they can have on your body, as well as natural, healthy ways to lose weight.

Weight Training Logs - Exercise logs can really help you track your results so you can tell if you are losing the weight and reaching your other health goals.

White Kidney Bean Extract - Learn about the main ingredient of Extreme Carb Blocker and other diet pills and why it could be dangerous to your health.

Zantrex 3 Reviews - This is one of the newest diet pills on the market. Yet many of the claims they make are a bit exaggerated and misleading.

Newly Released Weight Loss Drugs

Acomplia Rimonabant - New weight loss pill in development that blocks receptors that cause hunger has yet to be determined. 

Alli Diet Pills - containing orlistat, these FDA approved OTC weight loss pills can cause oily stools and frequent bowel movements.

Belviq Diet Pills - targeting serotonin levels to help you achieve weight loss, it comes with several potential health risks.

Contrave Medication - combining wellbutrin and naltrexone, this one can be effective but can cause serious health complications.

Qsymia For Losing Weight - a combination drug that can help you lose up to 10% of your weight, but at what price?

Saxenda Injections - one of the newest FDA approved medications, this is actually a diabetes drug that helps balance blood sugar levels.

Tenuate Weight Loss - designed for women, this one is a stimulant with some very serious potential side effects and limited effectiveness.

Weight Loss Supplements - Summary

We will continue to add new weight loss supplements to this section as new products hit the market. If you find come across a pill, powder, supplement or even a new pharmaceutical diet aid that you would like us to review, please feel free to email us. 

Healthy weight loss starts with learning what works and what doesn't, and what's right for your particular situation. Always talk to your doctor before taking anything to help you lose weight.

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