Our Zantrex 3 Reviews Yield a Few Potential Problems to be Aware of

Zantrex 3 reviews reveal that this supplement may just be another entry in the rapidly growing "lose weight fast" craze that continues to plague Americans. These diet pills promise to help you shed unwanted pounds quickly, but unfortunately the weight almost always comes right back, often leaving you heavier than ever.

Zantrex 3 is one of the newer diet pills on the scene. It is marketed as a "xanthine-based stimulant", which is essentially another way of saying caffeine. The problem is that caffeine can cause the same symptoms as another stimulant called ephedra, a substance which has been recently banned by the FDA.

These symptoms include elevated heart rate and increased blood pressure, nervousness, sweating among others.

One dose of Zantrex 3 offers more caffeine than three cups of coffee. That's a lot of caffeine. And in addition to the side effects you may experience from high levels of caffeine, you may experience withdrawal symptomsas soon as you stop taking Zantrex 3.

Some other problems with Zantrex 3 pills

1) The makers claim that a study showed Zantrex 3 is five times more effective than the best ephedrine-based fat burners. However, we could find no reference to this study anywhere. If it does exist, we're sure it was conducted and controlled by Zantrex and was therefore heavily skewed in their favor.

2) The fact that it claims to be a "xanthine-based stimulant" is very misleading. Xanthine is simply caffeine, but it appears like the manufacturers wanted to make it sound a little more scientific. After all, calling it a "caffeine product" could dissuade potential customers.

3) You should not take Zantrex 3 if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, heart conditions or have any sensitivities to stimulants. As with any supplementation, ask your physician before deciding to take Zantrex 3 to help you lose weight.

More important than the possible Zantrex 3 side effects is the fact that these diet pills can be detrimental to your long term health. Once you stop taking these pills you are usually in worse shape than you were to begin with, and put the fat back on quicker for the following reasons:

1. A significant proportion of the weight that you lose in the early stages of dieting is water and lean muscle. Only a small amount of the lost weight is fat. This means your muscles get smaller and as a result you lose part of your body's natural ability to burn fat.

2. Artificial appetite suppression is not healthy. It is merely a temporary fix to fool your body into thinking you're full, and actually sets off mechanisms which can damage your long term health.

3. When you stop taking diet pills, your weight will quickly return to what it was except this time you have more fat tissue and less muscle tissue.

Although Zantrex 3 and similar diet pills can help you lose weight in some cases, the negative effects on your body offset the temporary weight loss you might experience.

Also, each time you diet it becomes harder to lose the weight and you will gain more weight when you stop dieting. You have certainly seen the results of people who diet on a regular basis... it's almost always the same.

Zantrex 3 reviews point to the fact that it may not offer the results you are looking for.  You may just be better off with a safer option.

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