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Between all of us at Herbal Supplements Guide it is safe to say that we have tried hundreds of nutritional supplements on the market. We range in age from early twenties to late sixties, and thus have had a variety of health issues that we've tried to treat in one form or another.

We have taken ginseng for energy, ginkgo biloba for memory and concentration, Vitamin C & E for warding off illness, magnesium for the heart, and on and on. Although a few of these products did work for us, we found we were spending several hundred dollars each month. And as we discovered new products, our expenses just went up and up!

So we set out to find a supplement that included ALL of these therapeutic nutrients in one formula. That way we could get all of the benefits we were getting from taking these nutrients separately without taking dozens of different pills, tablets and powders. 

And more importantly, we could avoid the ever-increasing monthly expenses!

Herbal Supplements Guide Top Picks

General Health & Overall Wellness: Total Balance

Heart & Cardiovascular Support: Omega 3 Fish Oil

Memory & Concentration: Neuro Natural Recall

Lowering Cholesterol: Lipi-Rite

Arthritis Relief: Not Just Joints

Energy Boosting: Natural Energy - Bee Pollen

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Now as you well know, there are tens of thousands of nutritional supplements out there. And unfortunately, health supplements are not strictly regulated, and therefore the manufacturers of these products do not have to guarantee the safety, effectiveness or even the true content of their products.

So you never know what you're getting when you buy most supplements. It could have too little or too much (dangerous!) active ingredient, it could contain harmful contaminants, it could contain low quality ingredients with no effect at all!

How Do You Find a High Quality Supplement?

Through our extensive research of nutritional supplements and herbal supplement manufacturers, this is what we have discovered:

1) You need to look for a nutritional supplement that is manufactured under strict GMP compliance. These are the same high standards that pharmaceutical drug companies have to comply with.

2) You need to look for a nutritional supplement with standardized herbal extracts. These are the purest extracts available, offering the highest quality active ingredients where all of the therapeutic value comes from.

3) You need to look for a nutritional supplement that is created by a highly credentialed formulator; someone who is qualified to create a supplement with ingredients that work together synergistically in a perfect balance to offer the maximum results.

4) Lastly, each ingredient in any nutritional supplement you buy should be backed by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which ensures the safety and efficacy of all of the ingredients in the product.

Interestingly, we discovered that it is in fact better to take vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other nutrients together rather than on their own.

This has been shown to be the best way to yield the optimal health benefits for your body, for these reasons: 

1) Many nutrients work together synergistically, and in fact some nutrients cannot work at all without each other.

For example, Vitamin E needs Vitamin C in order to function properly. These two vitamins work much more effectively together than on their own.

2) Many nutrients can enhance the therapeutic benefits of each other.

For example, Vitamin E is an important antioxidant, yet there are much more powerful antioxidants such as Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA), red clover and green tea extract. These antioxidants working together are much more beneficial for warding off cancer and illness than Vitamin E on its own.

What Do We Take at Herbal Supplements Guide?

As far as a daily health and wellness supplement, we have been taking a special product called Total Balance for several years now with excellent results.  It satisfies all of the requirements for a high quality supplement we mention above.

Total Balance is a natural supplement containing all of the therapeutic herbal extracts we discuss on this site, along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients to treat and prevent various conditions and promote overall health.

It is the best product we have ever come across.

Total Balance is an incredible value, offering the highest quality for a very reasonable price, saving us literally hundreds of dollars a month.


Due to our great satisfaction with Total Balance, many of us have added other Xtend-Life products.  All of the following products are the best quality nutritional supplements money can buy:

Neuro Natural Recall -- a brand new product for increased concentration, memory enhancement and mental sharpness.

Natural Energy - Bee Pollen -- an all natural energy booster with essential vitamins, mineral and herbal extracts to fight fatigue and enhance mood.

Male Rejuvenator -- our older staff and visitors swear by this high quality pure supplement for prostate health, enhanced libido as well as many other health benefits.

Omega 3 Fish Oil -- a pure molecularly distilled fish oil with important Omega 3 fatty acids which promote heart health and can help prevent illness.

Lipi-Rite -- a safe, natural alternative to Lipitor and other cholesterol lowering drugs that can lower LDL (bad) cholesterol as well as increase good cholesterol without side effects.

Take a look at all of these great nutritional supplements and see how they can improve your health today!

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