Why Nutritional Supplements Are a Wise Choice for Everyone

People are finally realizing that nutritional supplements are an important part of a balanced health regimen, as they can provide essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that you are likely not getting from your diet.

More and more research points to the fact that many of the diseases and other health conditions we suffer from can be linked to poor nutrition. With such easy access to "empty" fast and convenience foods coupled with the handling and processing that seemingly healthy food goes through, it's no wonder that millions of people across the world are nutrient-deprived.

That's why dietary supplements rich in important nutrients that we are otherwise lacking are so vital!

Yet not all supplements are created equal, and this is why there has been so much controversy surrounding the issue.

As a result of the 1994 Dietary Supplement Act, health supplements are not regulated, and as such manufacturers do not have to guarantee the safety or efficacy of their products.

This has led to many unscrupulous marketers selling supplements that not only do not offer any health benefits whatsoever, but could actually be harmful to your health.

This is why it is so important to find high quality dietary supplements.

To find out about the supplements we have been taking for years and why we believe they are the very best, just follow the link provided!

Below we feature links to more information about some of the most popular, and most important single nutrient and multi-nutrient supplements available on the market today.

Many of them, such as fish oil, vitamins and antioxidants have such overwhelming scientific evidence in their favor that even mainstream medicine has jumped on the bandwagon and started promoting them.

Other dietary products are considered alternative, and still have not achieved the same acceptance, despite mounting evidence of positive health benefits. Still others are simply anecdotal...which means there are many people who have tried them and seen positive results.  Keep in mind that it doesn't mean it will definitely work for you...everyone is different.

Take a look below to learn more about the many nutritional supplements available to you today.

Popular Nutritional Supplements - Info & Articles

Why do nutritional supplements get a bad name? Find out why they are always under fire.

Our New Five Best Series

These 5 great joint supplements can ease your pain, inflammation and swelling naturally.

Take a look at our list of the five vitamins you must take to incorporate for optimum health, regardless of whether or not you eat a balanced diet. Vitamins A, B, C, D and K are key for different reasons.

Along with important vitamins you need minerals as well for various bodily functions and processes. Learn about five minerals your body needs including major ones like potassium and minor ones like molybdenum.

You can't forget about amino acids as they are key building blocks for every single cell in your body. Learn about five essential amino acids including histidine, tryptophan and lysine.

Most Popular Supplements

There is a lot of press about probiotic supplements lately.  These live and active cultures can improve the balance of helpful bacteria in your digestive system.

Why do people take soluble and non-soluble fiber supplements?  Find out if regularity is the only reason or if there are other benefits.

Why do athletes take nitric oxide supplements and what can they do for muscle building  and performance?

Learn about some popular nutritional supplements such as: apple cider vinegar, the wonders of bee pollen benefits and the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of active manuka honey.

Where to buy health pills and sports enhancers such as CLA supplement.

Find out the real creatine factsfocus factor reviewsglucosamine side effectsMSM benefits, learn about MSM macular edemanaringin extractnitrix reviews,precautions of dietary supplements, and safe herbal supplements.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids (fish oil, flaxseed, etc.)

We developed an extensive Omega 3 fatty acid section including articles such as: chewable fish oil capsulesOmega3 informationOmega 3 capsules,fish oil benefits, with their high DHA and EPA content, side effects of flax seed oil which can include GI issues, benefits of flaxseed and benefits of cod liver oil, a popular source of Omega 3s as well.

Essential Minerals

Learn about minerals such as best calcium supplementsbenefits of chromium picolinatedietary mineral supplementsmultivitamins with minerals as well as why you may need magnesium supplements.

Do you need to take potassium supplements? You might if you feel tried or constipated all the time.

Essential Vitamins

Discover vitamins such as depression vitaminsfacts about Vitamin Efolic acid side effectsmemory vitaminsmultivitamin reviewniacin side effects,vitamins for teenagers and benefits of Vitamin E.

What are the health benefits of B complex vitamins and what do the individual B vitamins do?

Some people take a complex called biotin for hair growth and preventing additional loss or baldness. Can it work?

Some popular brand name nutritional supplements are reviewed as well...

Name Brand Supplements Reviewed

Ocular NutritionProactiv solutionProcerin reviews 

Why Do We Need Supplements At All?

Due to current manufacturing and processing processes, much of the food we eat is depleted if not completely devoid of the nutrients they once contained.

By the time they hit the store shelves, the fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, and other food items that we eat for their supposed rich vitamin, mineral and other nutrient content only have a fraction of what they contained originally.

This is the reason why nutritional supplements are becoming more and more popular. People want to make sure that they are getting all of the nutrients they need to maintain their health.

Quality dietary supplements can provide not only the vitamins and minerals that we all know about, but also the equally important antioxidants, herbal extracts, Omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids and many other important nutrients that our bodies need to function properly, as well as fight off disease and illness.

How Do You Find the Best Ones?

With so many dietary supplements out there, how do you find the best ones?

We've done exhaustive research on nutritional products and supplements and have learned how to find the best quality supplements. If you're looking for dietary supplements, make sure you follow these guidelines:

1) You need to look for nutritional products that are manufactured under strict GMP compliance. These are the same high standards that pharmaceutical drug companies must comply with.

2) Each ingredient in any nutritional supplement you buy should be backed by a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which ensures the safety and efficacy of all of the ingredients in the product.

3) Look for dietary supplements with standardized herbal extracts. These are the purest extracts available, offering the highest quality active ingredientswhere all of the therapeutic value comes from.

4) Finally, only buy a nutritional supplement that is created by a highly credentialed formulator; someone who is qualified to create a supplement with ingredients that work together synergistically in a perfect balance to offer the maximum results.

We have been taking a unique supplement called Total Balance for several years now with excellent results.  It satisfies all of the requirements for a high quality supplement we mention above.

Total Balance is a natural supplement containing all of the therapeutic herbal extracts we discuss on this site, along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that may treat and prevent various conditions and promote overall health.

The company that manufactures this special supplement also provides other specially formulated nutritional supplements including a powerful omega-3 fish oil that we've also been taking for years and other formulas to help with various conditions such as digestive issues and high cholesterol.

Take a look and see what you think.  The quality far exceeds what you find on store shelves, so you can be sure you're giving your body what it needs for optimal health.

As with all health supplements, please make sure you consult with your physician or other qualified medical professional before taking any nutritional products.

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