How Do You Choose a Multivitamin Supplement?

A look into the supplement market reveals a lot of interesting information about multivitamins, much of which you are probably not aware. You might think that all of them are the same, and since they seem to have so many vitamins and minerals in the formula they must be good for you.

Unfortunately, this is not the case, and most of the ones you'll find in the stores are actually subpar. Here's why.

Why do we need vitamins anyway?

Although food is a major source of vitamins and minerals, due to increasingly poor manufacturing and handling processes many of the nutrients in foods we eat are depleted or even completely removed before they arrive at your supermarket. So even that kale and those blueberries might not be packed with as many nutrients as they had when they were first picked off the farm.

Also, most of us do not follow a strict healthy diet anyway and eat a lot of fast food, junk food, and other processed foods, rendering us vitamin deficient.

For these two reasons it is important for most of us to supplement vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, to make sure our bodies get what they need to function properly and efficiently.Vitamin deficiencies can lead to many diseases and serious medical problems.

Beware...not all multivitamins are the same!

A multivitamin review shows that it is always better to take vitamins, minerals and other nutrients together rather than on their own. This has been shown to be the best way to yield the optimal health benefits for your body, since many nutrients work synergistically together and can enhance the benefits of each other.

So it does make sense to take nutrients together rather than separately.

The problem is, our extensive review revealed that most multivitamins on the market do not contain natural vitamins, but rather the synthetic versions. You must avoid these vitamins at all costs. Synthetic versions are half as powerful as natural versions.

Here's an example:

In a clinical trial several years ago, natural beta carotene (from which Vitamin A is derived) was tested against synthetic beta carotene. The natural beta carotene was shown to eliminate tumors; the synthetic had absolutely no effect.

Most store-bought multivitamins are manufactured from synthetic sources because they are much cheaper to produce. But these supplements do not offer the same therapeutic benefits.

More importantly, synthetic vitamins can be dangerous to your health because many of them are manufactured from unhealthy sources and could contain harmful contaminants.

So not only do poor quality multivitamins not produce the desired benefits, but they can also cause serious health problems!

So what is the best multiple vitamin formula?

The ideal multivitamin will have a balance of important vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, all drawn from natural sources. The ingredients will be formulated synergistically to offer the maximum therapeutic benefits.

Some other important things to look for:

The supplement should be manufactured under strict GMP compliance, which are the highest manufacturing standards in the world. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients.

The supplement should contain standardized herbal extracts, the purest herbal extracts with the highest quality and therapeutic benefits. Herbal extracts contain more powerful antioxidants than most vitamins.

All of the ingredients should be supported with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which guarantees their potency and safety.

Lastly, the best multiple vitamin formula should be developed by a highly-credentialed product formulator who can blend these ingredients perfectly to ensure maximum benefits to your body.

We have found a multivitamin that meets all of these requirements. It is called Total Balance and it contains natural vitamins and minerals, as well as herbal extracts, amino acids and other important nutrients. In our opinion is it far superior to Centrum and other mass-produced, low quality supplements on the market today.

As with all health supplements, be sure to consult your physician or qualified medical professional before taking any multivitamin or other health supplement.

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