What Do Nitric Oxide Supplements Do For Athletes & Bodybuilders?

Nitric oxide is a gas that occurs naturally in the body in microscopic amounts. It works to help cells communicate with one another and is very important for healthy blood circulation as well as the health of your brain, liver, kidneys, and other major organs.

Many men especially take nitric oxide supplements in order to boost their workout routines and keep them stronger as they get older. Consider a few facts about this substance and these supplements so you can note if they would work for you.

What are nitric oxide benefits & side effects?

Because it can increase blood flow NO is important to the health of your muscles, as muscles are nourished and fed through the blood. If you work out regularly you may want to consider something that boosts the NO in your system as this can help you to work out longer, and you may see better and faster results from your routine. NO can also increase your recovery time so that you’re not fatigued the day after a good workout.

Another benefit of nitric oxide supplements is that they support increased glucose use in the body when you exercise. When the body uses up its supply of glucose during exercise or physical activity, it then turns to its stores of fat for energy. If you increase the NO in your body, you will use your glucose faster and in turn, you will then be burning your body fat faster, helping you to lose weight and keep a trim, muscular physique.

Are there any risk factors?

Well, before trying this product you want to consider any potential nitric oxide supplements danger. The most common danger faced by anyone who uses an NO supplement is a potential allergic reaction. Some have reported increased levels of histamine when taking these, and they may have swelling of the face, throat, and neck, and may also see the appearance of hives and have difficulty breathing. If this occurs a person should seek emergency treatment at once and stop using the supplement.

Other than this side effects are typically mild and short-lived, if experienced at all.

Can other supplements offer the same results?

The amino acid in the body called arginine is converted into nitric oxide, so any herb or supplement that boosts the production of arginine will give you many of the same results as an NO supplement.

Arginine is a building block of protein in the body and it too will help to support muscle growth and strength. Arginine supplements are often found in health food and bodybuilding stores. Look for powders rather than pills as powders are more easily absorbed into the system.

Stacked nitric oxide supplements are also very effective; these are several supplements that are used together. Choose a whey protein powder along with arginine and then nitric oxide. This will give you the most support for strong and healthy muscles and make your workouts more effective. Flax seed is also good for building muscle as it helps with oxygen utilization.

For best results, try these supplements together; you can even mix them in to a protein shake or drink and add flax seeds. This will give you the strength you need for a great workout and help you lose weight while gaining muscle.

As with all health supplements, make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any nitric oxide supplements.

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