What is Ocular Nutrition?

Ocular Nutrition is one of the most popular eye treatment products on the market today. It is used to nourish the eyes and protect against vision problems such as macular degeneration, which can lead to eventual blindness.

What is Ocular Nutrition and is it the best option?

It is an encapsulated dietary supplement that contains many different nutrients for eye health. Although it can help prevent eye problems, it may not be the best option for you for the following reasons:

1) Ocular Nutrition is very expensive. At just under $60 per bottle, there are only 25 servings in each. So you would have to spend over $60 for a one month supply, or almost $900 per year!

2) Ocular Nutrition is only helpful for eye health. So you will have to spend even more money to buy supplements for other health issues.

3) There are natural products with the same eye health ingredients which also have other vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other important nutrients to promote overall health and well-being.

4) Some of these natural products cost a lot less than Ocular Nutrition and actually give you more nutrients for eye health than Ocular Nutrition does.

**2012 UPDATE** The manufacturer, Hi-Health Supermart, paid a $450,000 fine for making unsubstantiated claims about vision restoration to settle FTC charges. It looks like the supplement is still for sale, but the name has changed. And they are hopefully no longer making ridiculous claims.

A Natural Alternative to Ocular Nutrition

At Herbal Supplements Guide, we are always looking for the best nutritional products on the market. We compare many different brands and formulas, and report on our findings so that you can benefit as well.

We have found a high quality nutritional product that contains all of the nutrients in Ocular Nutrition, plus many more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to promote ocular health as well as overall well-being.

The product is called Total Balance and it contains a synergized blend of all natural ingredients. We have made it our core nutritional supplement for its many therapeutic benefits. Compare them to the ingredients in Ocular Nutrition and you'll see why this is a better alternative for you:

Total Balance: Vitamin A (natural Beta Carotene), Vitamin C, Vitamin E (natural), Calcium Citrate, Zinc Citrate, Selenium, Copper Gluconate, Chromium, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, N-Acetylcarnosine, Acetyl-L-Cysteine, Quercetin, Bilberry Extract and more.

All of the above ingredients are in Ocular Nutrition. But Total Balance has additional herbs for ocular health such as ginkgo biloba, which improves circulation to the eye region, and mahonia grape, which protects the eyes from sun and UV damage. Plus, Total Balance has many other important herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients for general health and wellness.

Why not take a supplement with nutrients for ocular health and other nutrients for overall health? Total Balance is a comprehensive nutritional product, with the highest quality ingredients at half the price of Ocular Nutrition.

More information about Total Balance:

We thoroughly researched the company that makes this natural formula and have found that they adhere to strict GMP compliance, which are the highest manufacturing standards in the world. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Also, they only use standardized herbal extracts, the purest herbal extracts with the highest quality and therapeutic benefits.

All of the ingredients in Total Balance are supported with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which guarantees their potency and safety.

Lastly, all of the nutritional products are formulated by a highly-trained, highly-credentialed scientific team that can blend these ingredients perfectly to ensure that do not interact adversely and offer the maximum benefits to your body.

Many of our editors as well as our visitors have experienced success with Total Balance. They have used Total Balance for its ocular nutrients as well as its many other therapeutic benefits.

As with all health supplements, be sure to consult your physician or qualified medical professional before taking an alternative to Ocular Nutrition or other health supplements.

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