Lean System 7 Review - How Does This Diet Pill Stack Up?

Our Lean System 7 review shows that this relatively new fat burner does have some promising weight loss ingredients, but it may not be the best product for you. 

It is manufactured by a company called Isatori, and claims to be then non-ephedra solution for natural weight loss.

Review of Lean System 7 Fat Burner

An initial look at this product shows some promise, as it is made up of seven ingredients (hence the name), some of which are effective herbal extracts such as guarana and bitter orange.

However, one of the seven ingredients is a controversial derivative of DHEA, which is a prohormone (steroid precursor) used by many bodybuilders. It is called 7-Keto, and it has been removed in the Canadian version for this reason.

A Lean System 7 review shows that prohormones may be banned in the United States soon as well, so the manufacturers will have to remove 7-Keto from this version as well.

Since it is an integral part of their "triple-action metabolic activation" system, this will definitely impact the effectiveness of this product as a weight loss aid.

Although the makers claim that 7-keto does not have the side effects of its prohormone precursor, we can't be sure of the long term side effects of any steroid-related chemicals on the body.

For this reason, Lean System 7 reviews show you are better off with a safe, natural alternative with proven ingredients.

Since the most effective ingredient is not in the Canadian version, and may well be removed from the US version before long, this is not the best option in our opinion.

Lean System 7 Review...worth a try?

We took a new look at this product in 2012 to see what if anything has changed. It appears the only supplement listed on the manufacturer's site is the Advanced Metabolic Activator, Clinical Strength.

The ingredient list still looks the same, with the controversial 7-keto still in the formula, as well as yerba mate, guarana, green tea, dandelion, citrus aurantium and other herbal extracts.

Is it worth trying? We can't say one way or the other. It could be helpful along with a healthy eating and exercise plan. If you do want to try the Lean System 7 Fat Burner take a look at the selection at Amazon, as they always have good prices for products like that.

Let us know what kind of results you get with the product...we'd be interested to know. 

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