Is Propolene An Effective Weight Loss Aid?

Propolene has become a very popular method of losing extra pounds in recent years. However, these diet pills may be harmful to your health, and consumers should think twice before beginning supplementation.

Marketers are quick to cash in on the latest fads by bottling "miracle products" and charging a fortune for them. Unfortunately, due to the fact that dietary supplements are not regulated by the government, these manufacturers do not have to prove that these products work nor guarantee the potency or efficacy of their ingredients.

What does this mean?

It means there are an endless number of weight loss products and pills flooding the market...most of which don't work, some of which could cause serious harm to your health.

Propolene diet pills are no exception. It is simply a fiber pill that gives you a sense that you are bloated, causing you not to eat.

So how do you get the nutrients you need? You don't...there is not a single vitamin, mineral or herbal extract in the pill...they contain just one ingredient - Glucomannan / PropolĀ®, which is just a fiber that expands in your stomach, purportedly stopping fat absorption.

The other problem with Propolene weight loss is once you stop taking the pills, you could go right back to your previous weight, if not heavier, because you have altered the way your body metabolizes fat. So you either have to take them for the rest of your life, or suffer the consequences.

UPDATE: The manufacturer of Propolene got in trouble with the FTC several years ago and were forced to pay $1.5 million for making false claims about this and another one of their products, FiberThin.

As far as we can tell these supplements are no longer available for sale, which leads us to believe that they were likely not all they were cracked up to be in terms of weight loss potential. Unfortunately there are endless iterations of these diet pills coming out all the time. As long as there are overweight people, there will be marketers looking to take advantage of them with subpar products and bloated claims.

If you've had any experience with this Propolene or FiberThin, tell us about it so we can share it with our visitors. 

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