Does Leptoprin Work?

The new weight loss stimulant Anorex

Many visitors have asked us Does Leptoprin work? Well, we set out to find out for ourselves the facts about the relatively new weight loss stimulant Anorex.

We discovered that although the product does have some decent ingredients, the manufacturer's outrageous claims and exhorbitant price are cause for concern.

Does Leptoprin Work?

Upon review of the marketing materials for Leptoprin, we immediately encountered a red outrageous claim:

"'s time for you to discover Leptoprin ™ — the first comprehensive weight-loss compound designed specifically to overcome your genetic predisposition. The genetic link to obesity also means that repeated diet failure and chronic overweight is not your fault."

Typical marketing hype! Although you may have a genetic predisposition to weight gain, the main reason you are overweight is most likely due to your dietary habits and/or lack of exercise.

Even if the weight gain was not "your fault", no product in the world, including weight loss stumilant Anorex, can alter your "genetic predisposition"...this simply makes no sense, and insults the intelligence.

Unfortunately, people buy into this hype and products like this sell quite well.

Does Leptoprin work? The manufacturers think so. Take a look at this wordy claim:

"Leptoprin ™ — the first weight-control compound designed to mitigate the profound effect that variations in the human genetic code have on the storage, use, and disposition of body fat."

Huh? What does this mean? Another page from the "Unscrupulous Marketing 101" text book...overwhelm your consumers with nonsensical scientific mumbo jumbo.

**UPDATE** The weight loss stimulant Anorex (Leptoprin) has been discontinued by its manufacturer Klein-Becker. We wonder why?

A safe, effective alternative to Leptoprin

Over a year ago we discovered a breakthrough weight loss product that we have had tremendous success with.

It is called Hoodia Gordonii Plus and is manufactured by a well-regarded natural health company.

Hoodia for Weight Loss is made up of all natural vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other important nutrients that can help you lose weight.

Hoodia for Weight Loss works directly on fat and can help you lose weight safely and easily without dieting...and without having to ask yourself does Leptoprin work?

Take a look at this safe, natural weight loss product and discover how you can shed those extra pounds today!

As with all health supplements, please make sure you consult with your physician or other qualified medical professional before taking weight loss stimulant Anorex or other herbal diet supplements.

Does Leptoprin work? It may have, but it is no longer available so you'll have to look for an alternative weight loss supplement. 

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