Suvaril Reviews...Does it Work?

Suvaril reviews reveal that this new weight loss supplement shows less promise than most of the other diet aids on the market.

There are many reasons why we believe you should avoid this product, including unsubstantiated data, questionable ingredients, and poor customer feedback, among others.

Does Suvaril Work?

Unlike many dubious dietary products, the manufacturers don't make any outrageous claims such as "lose 20 pounds in a week" or "rock-hard abs without exercise", rather they claim to offer a safe, steady weight loss solution.

However, just because they take a different route doesn't mean that the product will actually work. In fact, a review of Suvaril ingredients show that this product is nothing more than a multivitamin!

It contains mostly vitamins, A through E, along with a few herbal extracts: green tea, ginseng and banaba leaf. Chromium and vanadium round out the list.

Yet there is no clinical data to back up their weight loss claims anywhere on their site, nor do they explain how the product actually works.

So does Suvaril work? As far as providing you with a full array of vitamins? Sure. But as far as promoting weight loss? Probably not.

Some of these vitamins and extracts may assist you, but our reviews show that overall it is probably the least effective weight loss product we have investigated.

The most telling evidence is the response to one of the FAQs on their web site regarding results:

"Weight reduction results vary depending upon all contributing factors, including an individual’s natural metabolism, caloric intake, and diet and exercise program followed.

This statement alone is pretty much an admission that the product probably does not offer any significant weight loss capability.

If you have a high metabolism, eat fewer calories, follow a strict diet and exercise (oh, and take a Suvaril capsule!), you can lose don't say?

Also troubling are the hundreds of customer complaints, including the fact that repeated calls to the company went unanswered, credit cards were charged without permission, and more to the point, the product simply did not work!

If you are interested in a weight loss supplement, reviews show you are better off with one that contains proven weight loss ingredients that can actually help you burn fat and increase your metabolism, rather than one that is merely a multivitamin.

2017 Revisit - The product is still for sale it seems, but you can't find it in too many places. A visit to the website reroutes you to the parent company, Vianda, which makes a variety of products for energy, anti-aging and general health in addition to weight management products. The site doesn't make us any more confident about the product as it did when we first reviewed proceed with caution and call them up before you order.

An Ideal Weight Loss Supplement

Over a year ago we discovered a breakthrough weight loss product that we have had a great deal of success with.

It is called Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Extract manufactured by a highly-regarded natural health company called Native Remedies.

This special supplement is made up of fat-burning herbal extracts, minerals and other important nutrients that can help you lose weight effectively.

While Suvaril reviews show that it contains little to no weight loss ingredients, Garcinia Cambogia works directly on fat and can help you lose weight safely and easily without dieting.

Take a look at this natural, safe weight loss product and discover how you can shed those extra pounds today!

Through an extensive review Suvaril weight loss pills don't appear to offer a solution. Does it work you ask? Probably not, although it does provide some nutrients. 

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