Is Estrin D Really a Good Choice For Dieting Women?

Our Estrin D reviews reveal that this is just another example of misleading marketing aimed at an unsuspecting public, resulting in increased sales for the manufacturer.

Compared to other diet pills we've reviewed this one doesn't appear to hold its own, and is targetting a very vulnerable (and profitable) niche.

Estrin D Reviews - What is it?

This a new weight loss product targeting menopausal and pre-menopausal women, which pretty much means all women, right?

According to the web site it is a combination of weight loss nutrients as well as a "hormonal balancing agent" and a "potent xanthine mixture", which is a fancy word for caffeine.

However we could not find specific ingredients anywhere on the site...What weight loss nutrients? What hormonal balancing agent? What potent xanthine mixture?

Our research took us to another site to figure out what the ingredients were, and we were surprised to find the hormonal balancer was DHEA, a very controversial prohormone that many bodybuilders use.

Most doctors and nutritionists agree that DHEA is totally ineffective as a weight loss agent. It is also banned in Canada, and may be banned in the United States soon due to new anti-prohormone legislation.

As far as Estrin D side effects, we can only tell from the vague information that if you have any heart problems or are sensitive to stimulants you may experience adverse effects due to the "xanthine mixture".

After digging deeper we found out that the stimulant ingredients are yerba mate, caffeine, guarana, kola nut and green tea.

There's a lot of caffeine here, and not much else!

Our review has led us to conclude that this may not be the ideal weight loss product for you. It targets women without really including any special female health ingredients.

As opposed to some better diet pills Estrin D is basically a whole lot of caffeine with a few decent herbal extracts and DHEA, which is thought to be ineffective and will likely be banned shortly.

As such, we believe you are probably better off with an alternative to Estrin D that can help you lose weight safely and effectively.

Our Latest Look at Estrin D

It's interesting to note that you can no longer find the website for Estrin D or its manufacturer Covaxil. A simple search for either in Google reveals a number of different website that sell the product and various reviews, but no official site for the product or the manufacturer. Very shady in our opinion.

The old site,, is still up if you type that in directly, but it hasn't been updated since 2006 and it shows in the design and content. Why would this site not be updated if the product is still for sale? There has to be a reason.

We steer clear of any supplements when there is even one red flag, let alone many red flags as is the case for Estrin D. The bogus claims, targeting women without any real ingredients that affect female health and the fact that you can't find any website says to us that this company has something to hide and doesn't stand behind its product confidently.

With so many better alternatives, why bother with Estrin D?

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