Five Great Weight Loss Herbs

Want to lose weight naturally?  Herbs can help get you there safely and effectively...

Losing weight is an achievable goal provided you’re supporting yourself with a healthy diet and an active exercise routine complete with vital nutrients and minerals and natural fat burning herbs.

You’re not taking natural remedies known for centuries to break down fat and keep it off? There are a variety of biological reasons why some people fail at losing weight including uncontrollable cravings for something sugary, a slow metabolism that refuses to burn off fat, and a lack of energy regardless of the time of day.

Your brain may be hardwired to gather up fatty tissues in your body and stubbornly keep them there even though you’re properly exercising and eating healthy. This is a natural response when you’re rapidly losing weight so don’t be discouraged when you suddenly hit a wall. Weight is generally gained in this stage when you’ve perceived your body to have stalled.

Luckily for you, there are natural herbs that can greatly increase your chances of losing weight and help keep it off.

Here are five natural remedies for safely and effectively combating stubborn fat:

• Reishi Mushrooms – a traditional Chinese herb often harvested in the wild where they grow on fallen logs, reishi mushrooms are the perfect way to generate and store up energy for longer periods of time. It has been used by the Chinese community for years as a way to fight off fatigue and relieve hypertension, which allows you to exercise harder and stronger. As a natural energy booster, it’s not recommended for you to take reishi mushrooms with caffeine as it amounts to a double dose of either.  

• Green Tea – a natural herb containing catechins (antioxidants linked to a faster metabolism rate and fat burning), green tea has been studied for its amazing weight loss potential. By stimulating your body’s ability to break down fatty tissue while you exercise, you’re gaining more from each workout and earning your hunger afterwards.  

• Ginseng – another great stamina booster, ginseng propels your body awake and encourages every muscle to work overtime to satisfy your workout needs. If you ever feel tired, biting into some ginseng will energize you so there can’t be any claims you’re too tired to exercise today. It also doesn’t hurt ginseng can be found in many energy drinks as well as cooked deliciously into food. 

• Flaxseed – if you’re worried about overeating after an intense workout, you should try soaking some flaxseeds in water and eating them. Flaxseeds contain a coating of mucilage that swells up when exposed to water. When they hit your stomach, you start to feel full because the seeds expand without the added calories of a full meal.

• Guar Gum – harvested from the Indian cluster bean, guar gum is another effective tool for controlling your hunger cravings. It contains a lot of fiber so chewing on some guar gum will give your stomach the feeling of fullness much like bread and other grain products. This actually contributes to weight loss by stopping overeating while still giving you enough energy throughout the day.

Of course, there are many other natural herb products that essentially perform the same function within your body as these five, so don’t get discouraged if your local health goods shop is out of stock.

Look for other craving crushers like gymnema sylvestre, which stimulates glucose deposits on your tongue so your brain thinks it’s gotten a sugar rush or l-glutamine, which aids in speeding up the use and storage of calories.

Fish oil is another common herbal supplement for burning more fatty tissue while you exercise and is an easy way to boost your workouts. In any case, you’ve got a stronger fighting chance with some herbal allies at your side. Looks like you have no excuse for missing your next workout.   

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