Is Lipovarin a Good Weight Loss Supplement?

Lipovarin reviews show that although this weight loss supplement does contain some ingredients that may help you lose weight, outrageous claims made by the manufacturer make this product questionable at best.

Lipovarin is an ephedra-free fat burner manufactured by a company called LipoSlim Systems (now Sterling Grant Laboratories) . They have a variety of products including weight loss supplements, sexual enhancers and sleep aids.

Let's take a closer look at the product

At first glance this is quite an overwhelming product, with many different claims and many different ingredients.

Lipovarin is called an "officially licensed "METAZIDEā„¢" weight loss formulation"- what this means we're not exactly sure, and it is not explained anywhere on the web site. Our best guess is that they are trying to woo customers with fancy terminology.

There are 15 different ingredients, including a patented ingredient called 7-Keto. It is the explanation of 7-Keto's abilities that make us quite suspicious of this product:

"The patented ingredient 7-Keto is included in the Lipovarin formula for many of its clinically substantiated claims, including three times more weight loss than diet and exercise alone."

However these "clinically substantiated claims" are completely ambiguous, and there is no reference to any of these supposed studies to back up these claims.

Three times more weight loss? This is quite a bold statement! We'd like to see a little scientific evidence to back this up.

Consumer reviews of Lipovarin have been mixed, and many have expressed concerns about the claims the company makes.

What about Lipovarin side effects?

No mention of them on the entire side except in relation to one of the we can't tell what the potential adverse reaction may be.

So the bottom line here is that Lipovarin does seem to contain some beneficial ingredients, and possibly can help with your weight loss problem, but the fact that the company feels the need to make outrageous claims without backing them up, we cannot give a positive review.

It is available for sale at Amazon, among other retailers, and there are actually some positive reviews along with many negative ones. In the case of the positive ones, it's likely that those people who were successful in losing weight exercised regularly and ate a balanced diet, and since they were taking Lipovarin at the same time, they attributed the benefits to the supplement.

Still, if it does offer a placebo effect, and it helps people or inspires them to lose weight, then it is worth it. As long as there are no side effects and the product isn't harmful in any way.

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