White Kidney Bean Extract

Extreme Carb Blocker and other Diet Pills

White Kidney Bean

White kidney bean extract is one of the main components of Extreme Carb Blocker and many other popular diet pills, yet its efficacy has not been proven. Perhaps more alarming is the fact that carb blockers can be quite dangerous to your health, and can result in eventual weight gain.

What is white kidney bean extract?

Known scientifically as phaselous vulgaris, it is an extract from the northern white kidney bean. This extract is what's known as an amylase inhibitor, interfering with the enzyme that breaks down carbohydrates into glucose.

White kidney bean extract stops the carbohydrates from being eventually converted to fat - they are removed from the body before entering the blood stream.

Do Extreme Carb Blocker and Similar Diet Pills Work?

The main ingredient in Extreme Carb Blocker is white kidney bean extract. However, there is no supporting scientific evidence nor any long term studies that show that these products work.

As such, the safety of Extreme Carb Blocker and other carb blockers (also known as starch blockers) is questionable.

Another problem with products such as Extreme Carb Blocker is the very debilitating side effects. These include gastrointestinal distress, heartburn, diarrhea and excessive gas. Since you have to take these diet pills every day, this can become quite problematic.

Perhaps worst of all, once you stop taking carb blockers you are almost guaranteed to put the weight back on. Taking Extreme Carb Blocker and similar diet pills puts your body into a state of turmoil, as it has to change the way it responds to the food you intake. When you eventually stop taking white kidney bean extract, the body no longer has the proper mechanisms it had before to break down carbohydrates, thus facilitating more weight gain.

How many people do you know who took Extreme Carb Blocker or other diet product and are now heavier than they ever were? Put simply, carb blockers do not work!

A Healthy Alternative to Extreme Carb Blocker

About a year ago we came across a very interesting healthy alternative to Extreme Carb Blocker and other white kidney bean extract diet products.

We were very intrigued because there is no dieting involved - rather it is a natural, healthy way to lose weight without the dangerous side effects of white kidney bean extract products.

We have had tremendous success with this natural weight loss formula so far, and have been able to lose weight while maintaining our overall health.

We recommend you read this intriguing special report on weight loss which focuses on all of the health issues surrounding weight loss and weight loss diets.

Learn more about healthy weight loss today...after all, your health depends on it! 

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