Cortisol Blockers

Are cortisol weight loss pills an effective dieting solution?

Cortisol blockers are the newest weight loss drugs to hit the market and are being heavily promoted on television, radio and magazines.

However the evidence shows that cortisol weight loss pills are probably not very effective, and that claims made by some manufacturers of these supplements are exaggerated and misleading.

What are cortisol blockers?

Rather than burning fat or blocking carbs like most of the other weight loss products on the market, cortisol weight loss pills (Cortislim, Cortiburn, Cortidrene and others) supposedly help you lose weight by regulating cortisol, a stress hormone.

Manufacturers claim that increased levels of cortisol brought on by stress are the cause of fat deposits, and by decreasing these levels you will lose significant weight.

However, these statements are completely misleading!

Research shows that although cortisol does stimulate fat deposit, it only occurs when large amounts of cortisol are produced due to medication you are taking or as a result of a hormonal imbalance.

In other words, an otherwise healthy stressed individual is not producing nearly the amount of cortisol needed to cause fat deposit, and would therefore not benefit from a cortisol weight loss pill.

They don't tell you that on the commercials do they!

Interestingly, according to several experts, there is no scientific evidence that any of the ingredients in one of the most popular cortisol blockers, Cortislim, even has any effect on the body's cortisol levels.

More importantly, the FTC recently (October 2004) filed suit against the makers of Cortislim for making false and unsubstantiated claims about their product, including outrageous weight loss promises.

So you can see that a cortisol blocker is probably a bad choice for weight loss, as it is not only an ineffective diet pill, but it could also be harmful to your health.

The claims by cortisol weight loss pill manufacturers are false and exaggerated, and the fact that the FTC is investigating the main producer of these supplements does not bode well for the products at all.

We believe you are much better off with a supplement that deals directly with the problem, one that attacks fat cells and fat absorption, rather than one that claims to regulate your stress hormones.

An Ideal Weight Loss Supplement

About a year ago we discovered a breakthrough weight loss product that we have had tremendous success with.

It is called Hoodia Gordonii Plus and is manufactured by a well-regarded natural health company.

Hoodia Gordonii Plus is made up of all natural vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other important nutrients that can help you lose weight.

Unlike a cortisol blocker which works indirectly and does not impact weight loss, it works directly on fat and can help you lose weight safely and easily without dieting.

Take a look at this natural, safe weight loss product and discover how you can shed those extra pounds today.

Through an extensive review we've discovered that cortisol blockers are ineffective weight loss supplements, as there is no scientific evidence proving that they provide any benefits.

Further, cortisol weight loss pills could be dangerous, as they are acting on the body's hormones with no clinical proof of their safety.

We believe a natural weight loss alternative is probably a better solution.

As with all health supplements, make sure you consult your physician before taking any cortisol blockers, cortisol weight loss products or any dietary supplements. 

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