Is Metabolife Complete a Quality Product?

Metabolife Complete is one of the newer weight loss formulations from this well known manufacturer, however we could not review any of their products without mention of the serious legal issues that their owners have faced over the years.

Even before Metabolife with ephedra was replaced by newer versions of the product, company officials were involved in one lawsuit after another.

In 2002 the owners were under investigation for massive tax fraud, accused of skimming millions of dollars from the company and hiding it in offshore accounts.

In September 2003, Metabolife owner Michael Blevins and his wife were charged with conspiracy to illegally obtain firearms. (In 1988 he was convicted of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute methamphetamines.)

And just this year (July 2004), the founder of the company was indicted by the U.S Department of Justice for making "false, fictitious and fraudulent" statements to the FDA re their ephedra-based weight loss supplement.

Still interested in trying Metabolife Complete?

We can't comprehend how anyone could trust a health supplement manufactured by a company where the owners are being investigated (and convicted) for so many different crimes.

But for those of you who are still interested, here's what the product is all about:

Metabolife Complete: Two caplets, three times a day (before breakfast, lunch, dinner). Similar to the Metabolife with ephedra containing following fat burning nutrients: garcinia, guarana, caffeine and other vitamins and minerals.

The dinner capsule does not contain the guarana or the caffeine, due to its stimulant qualities.

What's our opinion of Metabolife Complete?

It seems to us that the product does have some decent weight loss ingredients, and has improved upon Metabolife with ephedra in some regards. However, as we mention above, we cannot bring ourselves to trust the products of a company so frought with legal problems.

Weight loss products are not regulated by the can you really trust this company to produce high quality, safe products? We don't think so!

**2012 UPDATE** We recently checked in to see what's going on with Metabolife. It seems it is now part of Twinlab Corporation, a well respected brand that makes a number of supplements for various purposes. There is now an Ultra version, a Caffeine-Free, a Green Tea, a Break Through and an Extreme Energy version. We haven't looked deeply into each formulation yet, but suffice to say you can trust the Twinlab name more so than previous owners of the company, as they are well regarded in the industry. We will keep you posted.

Which Metabolife Product Makes the Most Sense?

That all depends on what your needs are. The company now offers 5 different versions, so just read through the ingredients and decide if you want to try one.

The full selection of Metabolife Products are available now at Amazon for good prices, especially if you are a prime member so you can take advantage of free shipping.

Without having tried the products ourselves, we can't recommend one or the other, but take a look and see if you believe it is worth trying. As always, you're going to have to eat well and exercise regularly if you want to see any real results with any weight loss supplement, including Metabolife. 

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