Cortislim Reviews - Stress Causing You To Get Fat?

Cortislim reviews show that this relatively new weight loss product may not help you lose the pounds you want to.

It offers a different approach to the weight loss problem than most products on the market, yet it is doubtful whether this mechanism is helpful.

Does Cortislim Work?

Rather than the usual fat burning or carb blocker pills, the supplement works by regulating the body's level of cortisol, which is our stress hormone.

Increased levels of cortisol brought about by high stress can be harmful to the body, causing sugar imbalances which can eventually lead to fat deposits among other issues.

The problem is the manufacturers of this product are assuming that stress is the main reason for weight gain, while in reality it is merely a factor that may influence it.

So does it actually work?

Yes and no! Yes, reviews show that it can regulate cortisol levels....but what about weight loss? That has yet to be determined!

The real reason people gain weight is because they eat too much, and don't exercise...plain and simple. Does stress play a part? It probably does, but stress and cortisol management are not the main issue.

A Review of Cortislim Ingredients

The pills consists of three main proprietary blends: Cortiplex, Leptiplex and Insutrol.

One of the main ingredients is magnolia bark extract (honokiol) which is a natural de-stresser that can regulate cortisol levels.

The other ingredients are banaba leaf, green tea and vanadyl sulfate which can regulate insulin and blood sugar.

As far as side effects, they appear to be minimal. The ingredients are mostly herbal extracts, which are relatively safe. Any adverse reactions that you experience should be short-lived.

So from an ingredient perspective it appears to be able to help you decrease your stress levels, yet it will not necessarily help you lose weight.

If you are interested in a weight loss supplement, you are probably better off with one that attacks fat cells and fat absorption, rather than one that helps you cope with stress.

Is Cortislim worth trying?

As the answer to your weight gain problems, probably not. If you want to try something along with a healthy exercise and eating regimen, then Cortislim Weight Loss Pills provide a little extra boost for you. The ingredients as far as we can tell are not harmful, so you likely don't have to worry about any side effects from the supplement.

Remember there are natural ways to reduce your stress levels that can be quite effective as well. So if you believe that this is the cause of your weight gain, or at least a contributor, you might want to investigate some of these methods or relaxing yourself.

As far as Cortislim for losing weight, it's just a matter of trying it out for yourself and deciding if it's helping you with your diet goals. If you do try it, let us know what kind of results you are getting so that we may share it with our visitors. 

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