Lower Cholesterol Naturally and Avoid Statin Drug Side Effects

You can lower cholesterol naturally with many different herbs and nutrients. It is important to maintain low LDL levels in the body to help prevent the various forms of heart disease, which affect nearly 85 million Americans.

It's important to note that 75% of the body's cholesterol is produced by the liver. So while following a healthy diet is helpful, it is also necessary to maintain levels within the body itself.

The Best Herbs for Lowering Cholesterol

Guggulipid - an ancient Indian herb that has been shown to lower cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Guggulipid reduces LDL (bad cholesterol) levels and has performed better than modern drugs in several trials.

Green Tea - among its many therapeutic benefits green tea has been shown to lower the amount of LDL's in the blood stream, and aids in the prevention of blood vessel constriction.

Turmeric - a powerful herb used in curry dishes, turmeric contains curcumin which lowers LDL levels and improves blood circulation.

Olive Leaf - native to the Mediterranean region, studies have shown that olive leaf extract may lower cholesterol levels, as well as facilitate blood flow and lower blood pressure.

Ginger - according to a study in the New England Journal of medicine, ginger helps reduce cholesterol in the body. This powerful herb used often in Chinese cooking also helps lower blood pressure and thins the blood.

Other Important Nutrients to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Policosanol - a powerful extract from sugar cane wax that has been widely studied. Policosanol has been shown to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase good cholesterol (HDL).

Chromium Polyniconate - this organic version of chromium can help lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, as well as raise HDL (good) cholesterol.

Niacin (Vitamin B3) - in high dosages niacin has been shown to help reduce total cholesterol levels.

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What's the best way to lower my cholesterol?

The best way to lower cholesterol naturally is to maintain cholesterol levels in your diet as well as cholesterol levels within your body.

Dietary Recommendations

Particularly, you should try to lower your intake of the bad cholesterol (LDL), yet maintain your intake of good cholesterol (HDL).

Reduce your intake of trans fats found in margarines and spreads andhydrogenated oils found in processed and refined foods.

Use extra virgin olive oil and garlic in your cooking...both have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol.

You should definitely add Omega 3 essential fatty acids to your diet. The good source of this is flax seed oil.

Even better perhaps is fish oil, which contains two essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which have been recently shown to increase heart health. These fatty acids are extremely helpful in promoting general health and well-being.

Maintaining Cholesterol Levels Within the Body

High cholesterol levels can be due to a variety of factors, one of which is genetics. This is a problem that affects millions of people. Many doctors prescribe cholesterol medications called statins, which lower LDL levels in the body. But there are problems with these statin medications:

1) They can have serious side effects such as liver damage and severe muscle pains. One such medication called Baycol was taken off the market because of serious damage and even deaths as a result of its use.

2) These medications actually deplete a vitamin-like substance called Co-Enzyme Q10, a nutrient found naturally in the body that strengthens heart muscle. So these cholesterol medications are counterproductive.

So what is the alternative to cholesterol lowering medications?

We recommend you lower cholesterol naturally with the cholesterol lowering herbs, minerals and nutrients we discuss above. There are many reasons why:

1) When you lower cholesterol naturally rather than take prescription medications you can avoid the many side effects of Lipitor, Pravachol and similar drugs.

2) Natural ingredients can not only lower LDL cholesterol levels, but also increase the good HDL cholesterol which is important for cleaning out LDL in your body. Cholesterol medications do not help with HDL levels.

3) With natural ingredients you can lower your cholesterol and also improve the health of your heart and other body systems at the same time.

Is there a natural supplement for lowering cholesterol?

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As with all health supplements, results vary from person to person so be sure to consult your physician or qualified herbal professional before taking any natural supplement to lower cholesterol levels.

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