The Many Uses of Damiana Leaf Include Libido Enhancement

The uses of damiana leaf have been widely researched, and the herb has been shown to have powerful therapeutic properties. It is most commonly used as a female aphrodisiac and an impotence aid.

What is damiana and how is it used?

Damiana is a shrub native to North and Central America. The leaf is the part of the plant that contains the most powerful therapeutic compounds. It has long been used by Mexican cultures for treatment of a variety of health conditions.

Here are the most common uses for damiana leaf...

1) Increasing Libido - Damiana leaf has been shown to increase circulation and sensitivity in the penis and clitoris, as well as stimulate sexual desire.

2) Strengthening Nervous System - Damiana is thought to help with hormone balancing due to its testosterone-like effects.

3) Alleviating Menopause Symptoms - Damiana leaf has been used to treat the various conditions that arise from the onset of menopause in women.

When it comes to buying a damiana supplement, there are several things to keep in mind:

In order to get the maximum benefits of damiana leaf, you have to make sure you are taking a supplement with standardized herbal extract of pure damiana. Many products on the market do not use standardized extract, because it is much cheaper to produce. So you might not see any benefits at all from these inferior products.

Also, you must make sure that the damiana leaf product is manufactured at a facility that follows strict GMP compliance. These are the strictest manufacturing standards in the world - the same standards that pharmaceutical drugs have to follow - so you know that they are the highest quality products you can buy.

Should I take damiana alone or as part of a more comprehensive formula?

You can buy an individual damiana leaf supplement, or you can buy a more comprehensive product that includes damiana leaf along with other herbs, vitamins and minerals. In our opinion, you are better off with the latter for many reasons.

Most experts agree that you can achieve better results with a blend of herbs, vitamins and minerals in one formula. Here's why:

A) Many herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients work together synergistically - often a blend of nutrients can work better together than one nutrient on its own. 

For example: Damiana leaf can work together with other herbs such as muira puama and licorice to stimulate the libido. Vitamin E works in conjunction with Vitamin C in a similar fashion.

B) You can help several body systems at one time - For example, you can treat a condition with one herb, protect your body with another and make sure the condition does not return with yet another herb.

For example: Damiana can alleviate menopause, while black cohosh can balance hormone levels and guarana can help the body adapt to internal stresses.

Another thing to consider is that many damiana leaf products on the market don't even contain damiana! It's hard to believe but it's true! This is the case with many different single and multi-herb products.

In a recent study, a test of 54 ginseng products found that 25% of them did not even contain ginseng! It's amazing what marketers will do when they don't have to account for the ingredients in their products!

So you can see how important it is to find a high quality product, and how a blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients may be more beneficial to your health than a single herb products, not to mention safer!

An Ideal Damiana Leaf Supplement

Through our extensive research we have found an herbal supplement designed specifically for women that meets all of the requirements we mentioned above:

1. It is formulated under high manufacturing standards, meaning it contains the purest ingredients.

2. It is formulated by a top-notch, highly-credentialed scientist.

3. It contains a synergistic blend of standardized damiana, along with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to enhance its benefits as well as promote overall wellness.

The product is called Female Rejuvenator and it is a high quality supplement with special herbs, vitamins and minerals for libido enhancement, hormone balance, reducing PMS and menopause and other health issues that women face.

It offers a safe and natural way to deal with the special health concerns that women have, while providing important nutrients for general health and wellness.

Take a look at this unique supplement and see if it's the right choice for you.

As with all health supplements, results vary from person to person so be sure to consult your physician or qualified herbal professional before taking any supplements for women specific or general health.

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