Most Promising Herbs for Cancer Treatment

Herbs for cancer generally refer to herbal supplements that may aid in preventing the onset of cancerous growths and promoting general well-being by boosting the body's immune system.

Many herbs have powerful chemicals that can improve the body's ability to fight off sickness and disease. Also, many can assist in relieving the symptoms brought about by cancer.

Take a look at the following herbs, as well as other important cancer-fighting nutrients, and learn about how they may be able to ward off this and related diseases.

Best Herbs for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Turmeric - containing a therapeutic compound called curcumin, turmeric has been shown to fight cancer and tumorous growths. Turmeric also has immunity-stimulating properties and the ability to possibly prevent disease and illness from occurring.

Green Tea Extract - from the leaves of the tea plant, green tea extract contains a chemical called ECGC, which neutralizes highly reactive free radicals that cause cell damage. Green tea extract also inhibits cell replication, a main feature of cancer.

Maitake Extract - from the Chinese mushroom, maitake extract aids in the destruction of cancerous cells and combats the spread of tumors. It is also an immune system booster.

Red Clover - the flowers from this three-leafed herb contain four anti-tumor compounds. Also, the red clover contains large amounts of tocopherol, a powerful antixodant that combats cell-destroying free radicals.

Recent studies show the following herbal extracts may also be helpful in the fight against various types of cancer:

Nigella Sativa is an anti-inflammatory that inhibits the development of pancreatic cancer according to studies conducted at the Kimmel Cancer center at Jefferson Medical College.

Various TCM (Chinese Medicine) herbs, including motherwort and huanglian, have shown promise in inhibiting the growth of breast cancer cells in laboratory experiments per PubMed.

A South American medicinal herb called maytansine exhibited anti-tumor and anti-leukemic behavior on patients there and in the United States.

Other Important Nutrients for Cancer Prevention and Treatment

Quercetin - known as citrus bioflavanoid, quercetin may reverse abnormal cell growth and inhibit prostate cancer.

Beta Glucan - these are polysaccharides they can boost your immune system.

Vitamin K and Vitamin C - taken together these vitamins might inhibit cancerous growths. Vitamin K has shown promise in treating liver cancer.

What's the Best Way to Prevent/Treat Cancer?

Should you take all of these herbs, vitamins and minerals for cancer separately or together in one comprehensive formula?

We recommend that you take these nutrients together if possible for many reasons:

  1. Taking each herb, vitamin and mineral separately could prove very costly as you would have to buy many different supplements.

  2. Mixing and matching nutrients on your own could be dangerous to your health.

  3. Many nutrients working together can offer more therapeutic benefits, often better than a single herb on its own.

  4. All of these nutrients have to be balanced perfectly in order to be optimally effective.

We have found a nutritional supplement that contains all of the herbs for cancer as well as the nutrients we discuss above in a synergized comprehensive formula.

This special supplement is called Total Balance, and we have made it our core nutritional product. It is made up of all natural herbs, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other ingredients that can help prevent cancer as well as offer other therapeutic benefits.

We extensively researched the company that makes this natural formula and have found that they adhere to strict GMP compliance, which are the highest manufacturing standards in the world. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Also, they only use standardized herbal extracts, the purest herbal extracts with the highest quality and therapeutic benefits.

All of the ingredients in Total Balance are supported with a Certificate of Analysis (COA) which guarantees their potency and safety.

Lastly, all of the nutritional products are formulated by a highly-trained, highly-credentialed scientific team that can blend these ingredients perfectly to ensure that they do not interact adversely and offer the maximum benefits to your body.

Many of our editors and visitors have experienced success with Total Balance. They have used Total Balance for its herbs for cancer and its many other therapeutic benefits.

As with all health supplements, be sure to consult your physician or qualified herbal professional before taking any herbs for cancer or other herbal supplements.

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