Are Natural Solutions Better Than Permanent Hair Removal Treatments?

You have many options when it comes to removing hair on your face or anywhere else on your body, including your arms, legs and back.

However some methods are not as efficient as others, some are very expensive, and still others could leave painful irritation in addition to not remedying the situation at all.

So it's important to choose the right treatment of unwanted hair to make sure hair growth will slow down significantly. Following are the various methods of hair removal.

Long Lasting or Permanent Hair Removal

Treatment of unwanted hair can be accomplished in many different ways. One of the most popular methods is electrolysis, which involves "zapping" the hair root with an electrical current.

However electrolysis comes with many drawbacks: the process is time-consuming and can be very painful, and also quite expensive. Scarring can occur, and studies show that 20% of the electrolyzed follicles regrow hair, so you could need to go back again and again.

Lasers can also be used for unwanted facial hair removal, yet this is cost-prohibitive for most people, not to mention time-consuming. A simple procedure could take up to a year.

Bleaching is another popular method, but if the bleaching is not perfect the color could be off. Also, the hair is still there and can be quite apparent in light.

Treatment of unwanted hair can also be accomplished with products like Nair, which act to dissolve hair above the skin. The problem with these products is that with repeated use they often cause bumps and rashes on the skin.

The last option for long lasting or permanent hair removal is a natural spray or cream that can applied after shaving or waxing.

In our opinion this is the best treatment of unwanted hair, because you can naturally and gradually accomplish unwanted facial hair removal as well as hair removal from the rest of your body.

The best part is it costs a lot less than laser removal and electrolysis, and you can remove unwanted hair without side effects such as bumps and rashes.

An Ideal Treatment of Unwanted Hair

We have found a natural hair inhibitor with herbal extracts and other nutrients that can help remove hair permanently from anywhere on your body, including your face, back, arms, chest, legs and bikini line.

The product is called Hair No More and it is a special formula that works directly in the hair follicle and neutralizes the elements necessary for hair growth.

The Nair No More Growth Inhibitor can eliminate 50% of your unwanted hair in just six months, and with repeated use you can expect this hair to be permanently eliminated.

Of all of the methods of unwanted facial hair removal we researched, the Hair No More was the most effective, offering a safe and natural way to gradually remove unwanted hair anywhere on the body.

Some of our visitors have used the this formula as an alternative to electrolysis, and have been very pleased with the results.

If you are interested in a treatment of unwanted hair anywhere else on your body, we recommend you try the Hair No More Growth Inhibitor.

It is definitely the best solution for long lasting or permanent hair removal we have found.

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