Three Important Supplements For Women

Most of us gals in the USA are aware that we don’t get complete nutrition in our diets. We know to take a multivitamin, calcium and vitamin D every day. We also know a daily baby aspirin can prevent heart attacks and some say, even cancer. But here are three less well-known nutrients women can consider taking for optimal health and more graceful aging.

Light Up Your World with Lutein!

It’s an antioxidant that helps protect your eyes from being destroyed by free radicals (cell damaging molecules). Lutein helps prevent age-related macular degeneration (ARMD), a leading cause of women’s blindness. Plus, lutein supports healthy breast and cervical tissues and prevents sun damage to the skin.

Lutein is an antioxidant found in dark green, leafy vegetables, certain fruits, corn, and egg yolks. If you don’t eat your leafy greens, have a family history of ARMD or spend lots of time in pollutants or direct sunlight, think about supplementing with lutein.

Energy Restoring Coenzyme Q10

Protect yourself against premature aging, support your heart, and promote healthy blood vessels with Coenzyme Q10. A potent antioxidant, CoQ10 enhances the manufacture of energy in your cells. If you have less energy as you age, are a vegetarian (especially if vegan) or have a family history of risk factors for cancer and heart disease, investigate this little gem.

Coenzyme Q10 is from meats, fish, and soybean and canola oils. It also comes in soft gel caps, best taken with meals. If you feel sluggish or are being treated for heart disease or cancer, you might initiate the Coenzyme Q10 conversation with your doctor.

Holy Mackerel! Nothing Fishy About Fish Oil!

The Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil aid heart health and circulation, healthy joints, and brain function. In some studies omega-3s were said to reduce moodiness and depression or enhance a baby’s brain development while mom is nursing.

Omega-3 must be consumed because our bodies don’t produce it – fish bodies do. Great sources include salmon, trout, tuna, sardines, and mackerel. If you don’t eat much fish or suffer from high triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, overweight or joint tenderness, fish oil may help. But, avoid it if you are allergic to fish, are pregnant or have a history of bleeding problems.

Always talk to your doctor before taking any new medication or supplement. If you and your doctor agree, lutein, Coenzyme Q10 and fish oil may be important pick-me-ups your body needs.

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