Stinging Nettles Herb is a Powerful Male Health Supplement

The stinging nettles herb has many medicinal applications, and has been used for centuries to treat a wide variety of ailments and conditions.

Today, its uses are mainly focused on the urinary tract and early BPH symptoms as we outline below.

What is Stinging Nettles?

Now found worldwide, the plant (Urtica dioica) originated in the colder regions of Asia and northern Europe. The plant has tiny stinging hairs on the leaves and stems, giving it its intimidating name.

In ancient times, its applications included treating joint and muscle problems, as well as gout, anemia and arthritis.

In modern times, the herb has been used to treat urinary tract problems, kidney stones and issues that arise during the early stages of prostate enlargement, called BPH (Benign Prostate Hyperplasia).

Other benefits include relieving pain, acting as a mild anti-inflammatory and lowering blood sugar levels.

**UPDATE** According to a recent study in the Iran Journal of Medical Science, the extract may be helpful in treating Type 2 diabetes, as it has been shown to reduce insulin resistance, especially in those with a high fructose diet, which is common here.

Is stinging nettles the best treatment?

The herbal extract has been shown to be quite effective, although results have been more promising when it is combined with other helpful prostate treatments.

Still, it is a much safer option than a prescription medication, which can cause unwanted side effects as most drugs do.  So in that regard, you're much better off with a natural supplement for your overall health.

Is there a better prostate supplement?

During our extensive research on stinging nettles and other herbal treatments, we discovered a natural product which we believe to be ideal for preventing prostate problems and contributing to overall men's health.

The product is called Prostate-Support and it contains a synergistic balance of stinging nettles and saw palmetto extracts, 

If you were considering taking stinging nettles to prevent or alleviate prostate problems, you might want to take a look at Prostate Support, as it contains the most powerful version of this special extract.

As with all health supplements, please be sure to consult your physician or other qualified professional before taking any other prostate health supplement. 

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