Discover rosemary benefits as a condiment or an essential oil

Rosemary is a very fragrant, pungent herb that is often used in cooking and which gives meats like chicken and lamb a rich, strong taste. In addition to being used for enhancing the flavors of foods, it also has many health benefits when ingested and when used directly on the skin.

Because of its fragrance and these health benefits, rosemary essential oil is often used for massages and for topical treatments.

Consider a few of the benefits of this herb when it comes to your health.  You just might find that it has what you are looking for.

Benefits of Rosemary in Cooking

Rosemary is high in calcium, iron, and vitamin B6. One of the benefits of rosemary is that it helps to build strong bones and it strengthens the body’s blood circulation, as all of these nutrients are used to supplement bone density and to create new blood cells.

These are also used to support a healthy immune system, so using rosemary in cooking before wintertime can bolster your immunity and keep you from getting sick once the weather gets colder.

The herb is rich in antioxidants, which fight free radicals that can compromise your healthy immune system. This too is a reason to use it liberally in the kitchen especially when you know your immunity will be compromised.

Carnosic acid, found in rosemary, is thought to promote eye health. Using rosemary can help to avoid a serious condition called macular degeneration and keep your eyes healthy and strong. It’s believed to also have anti-tumor properties that can keep cancer cells from developing.

While often used in cooking meat dishes, rosemary powder made from its leaves is also used in teas and can be added to green smoothies and even coffee drinks. This often aids in digestion and can be used to settle an upset stomach. Because it has such a pungent and rich flavor, it’s best to use it sparingly when you first start cooking with it or adding it to your overall diet.

Benefits of Rosemary Essential Oil

A favorite for massage therapists, rosemary essential oil has many health benefits. Its antioxidant properties are good for the skin, as free radicals attack healthy skin cells and make the skin look sallow and pale.

When used on the face it can help the skin look younger and more radiant. The pungent aroma also opens up the sinuses so that a person can breathe more freely.

Using rosemary essential oil during a massage also brings blood to the muscles and the top layers of the skin, and with the blood comes healing oxygen and other nutrients.

Rosemary oil uses on specific areas of the body that are affected by arthritis and other painful conditions can be beneficial due to its many anti-inflammatory compounds. Also, if you’ve suffered a sprain or muscle strain, use rosemary essential oil on the spot that needs relief.

That's a lot of benefits from one little If you’ve never used rosemary before, try a chicken or lamb dish that calls for the herb, or try a few drops of the essential oil during your next massage. You’ll immediately enjoy its health benefits both internally and externally!

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