Peyronies Disease Treatment Options

There are several Peyronies Disease treatment options, but doctors usually advise waiting a year or two before resorting to any surgical procedures.

In many cases, Peyronies goes away on its own after a period of time, especially in those individuals who are otherwise healthy.

Doctors do not know the exact cause of this condition, and the severity varies from one patient to the next. It is marked by plaque formation within the erectile tissue on the upper or lower side of the male organ, forcing it to bend down or up during intercourse and usually causing a good deal of pain.

Due to the discomfort and embarrassment associated with the condition, Peyronies Disease health implications can include a loss of libido, increased stress and depression...therefore treating the condition effectively is key.

If the problem becomes severe, and lasts for an extended period of time, surgery might be the only answer.

Peyronies Disease treatment options include the following procedures:

  1. Injecting calcium blockers, verapamil and/or steroids directly into the plaque.

  2. Radiation therapy to ease painful symptoms.

  3. Surgical removal of the plaque.

  4. Implanted devices to improve rigidity.

However, the problem with treating it surgically is the high risk of potential side effects, the lack of concrete evidence of the success of these procedures, and the chance of complications.

Many people have been successful treating the disease naturally, with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other nutrients that can reduce symptoms and promote general health and well-being.

Some studies show that vitamin E might be helpful in reducing symptoms, as well as several B vitamins. A powerful antioxidant called Acetyl-L-Carnitine has also been shown to have a beneficial effect on the disease.

Of all of the Peyronies treatment options, the safest and most effective may in fact be nutritional supplements specifically blended for men which contain all of the beneficial nutrients in one comprehensive formula.

One of the best male supplements we have come across is called Male Rejuvenator which is a nutritional formula with a wide spectrum of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, herbal extracts and other important nutrients that may reduce the symptoms of Peyronies, as well as promote prostate health, libido enhancement and overall health and well-being.

A lack of nutrients can impair your body's ability to combat the condition, so it's important that you ensure that you get a full supply of them to give yourself a fighting chance against this painful condition.

Treating it naturally might not help everyone...if the condition becomes severe or lasts for a long time, surgery or other medical procedures might be the only option. But since most of us would like to avoid potentially dangerous treatment options, it makes sense to try a natural approach first to see what results you can achieve.

If you have Peyronies Disease health should be your number one priority...the better shape you're in, the better the chance of it going away on its own over time.

If you notice any pain or bending during arousal, make sure you consult your physician right away to gauge the nature and severity of the problem, and to discuss your options. Treating it naturally may be advised, or your doctor may recommend another protocol.

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