Is Garcinia a Good Weight Loss Option or is HCA Unproven?

The negative effects of garcinia lie in the fact that diet and weight loss pills with this ingredient can potentially be dangerous to your health. The extract of this tree is where the therapeutic value lies.

Garcinia is an Asian tree, the fruit of which contains hydroxycitric acid, known simply as HCA. HCA benefits are thought to include enhancing energy and promoting weight loss, though clear evidence is lacking at this time.

Are there any negative effects of garcinia?

Although HCA benefits have been illustrated in animals, there is no conclusive evidence that it has the same effect in humans.

Because it has not been studied extensively, we can not be sure if there are any long-term negative effects of garcinia.

Although an HCA supplement can be taken on its own, garcinia is usually found in a combination weight loss product along with other herbs such as bitter orange extract and guarana seed.

The problem with these weight loss pills is there are no conclusive studies that any of them really work. Therefore the negative effects could be enhanced by those of the other questionable ingredients in the formula.

So what's the bottom line here?

Although it is considered a safe herbal extract when taken in recommended dosages, HCA benefits have not been proven conclusively and therefore garcinia might not be the best option for weight loss.

There are many other herbal extracts that have undergone clinical testing and have shown more promise in promoting weight loss as well as increasing energy.

The best way to lose weight and really keep it off is always going to be watching what you eat and incorporating regular exercise.  Without those two things you really don't stand a chance.  Even the best herbal supplements for weight loss are merely going to be aids in your overall regimen, giving you an added boost of energy and/or metabolism.

So rather than look for a miracle herbal extract, look to your diet and exercise regimen first and foremost and try to make positive will definitely see a difference.

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