Boost Liver Health With These 3 Herbs

The liver is the body's detoxification organ, responsible for processing fats and toxins that need to be expelled from the body. As a result of junk food diets and the immense amount of toxins in our food and environment today, many people are unfortunately struggling with compromised liver function.

The liver was designed to clear out unnecessary and harmful elements in the body, but when overloaded, this vital organ can become slow and clogged. Here are a few powerful herbal remedies that help to cleanse and improve liver function.

1) Borututu Bark: The Borututu tree grows in African jungles, and has long been used to create a powerful tonic for the detoxification of the liver. The potent bark is turned into a tea that prompts the liver to release toxins and also fortifies the body with antioxidants that fight free radical damage.

Brimming with powerful compounds such as catechins and bioflavenoids, the Borututu bark not only improves liver function but it aids in boosting overall health. The most powerful way to employ Borututu to improve liver health is by making your own tea by boiling the natural, unprocessed bark. Look for wildcrafted Borututu bark sold in bags from a provider of raw herbs.

2) Milk Thistle: One of the most well known herbs for the liver, Milk Thistle is a powerful extract that aids in the regeneration of damaged liver tissue, the detoxification of alcohol from the liver, as well as clearing out toxins. The potent element in the Milk Thistle seed is an antioxidant called Silymarin.

Silymarin reduces free radical production and has been proven to help alcoholic liver disease, toxic liver, and hepatitis. To ensure you are using the most powerful form of Milk Thistle, look for capsules of the herb that have been standardized to 80% Silymarin.

You can read more about milk thistle here.

3) Peppermint Essential Oil: An unexpected but powerful detox tool is the essential oil created from Peppermint. It helps to break down fats by stimulating bile flow and relaxing the bile ducts. This lessens strain on the liver and prompts it to clear out excess fat more easily.

It's important to purchase therapeutic grade essential oils, and not fragrance grade oils, which do not contain enough potent herb to impact health issues. There are many several suppliers of  therapeutic grade oils; look for companies that do their own distillation of the oils.

These three herbs for the liver are capable of improving hepatic function and overall health, so they provide additional benefits to your body as a whole. Whether you are dealing with a serious liver issue, or merely want to detoxify from the effects of modern-day life, you can find relief and improvement through these natural therapies.

Follow the tips above to ensure you are using the most potent, effective form of each herb for best results.  That way your "liver cleanse" will be as thorough as it can be.

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