Natural Treatments for Herpes

For those looking for an alternative to prescription medications, there are natural treatments for herpes, both cold sores and genital varieties, available to you. Almost everyone carries one of the herpes viruses and some people carry several variations. They are difficult to cure, as they go into remission and then re-emerge and start the infection process all over again. In all there are nine distinct varieties.

Conventional herpes treatment programs consist of several anti-viral drugs and other medications that provide symptomatic relief only. These drugs are able to suppress the virus but they don’t destroy it. The virus simply goes dormant, ready to strike again when the body’s defenses are down. In addition to merely masking the illness, these pharmaceuticals can be quite costly, and do not work over the long term.

Alternative medicine also offers natural treatments for herpes such as coconut oil, as well as Vitamin A, Vitamin C and zinc used together to bolster the immune system and help prevent herpes breakouts.

BHT, an inexpensive food preservative as well as an antioxidant, has been shown to be an effective herpes treatment option. Incole-3-Carbinol (I3C) and Resveratrol have demonstrated an ability to prevent the virus from spreading in human cells.

Other natural treatments for herpes include garlic extract and propolis, a substance collected by bees. Lysine supplements and diets containing a high lysine/arginine ratio help prevent herpes virus cell replication. Oral proteolyctic enzymes have been found by researchers to be more effective than some antiviral drugs in reducing the severity and length of herpes virus outbreaks.

There is evidence that aloe vera has value as one of the natural treatments for herpes. A double-blind study found that cream made from aloe was more effective than pure aloe gel or a placebo. Other natural herpes treatment products include L-lysine, melissa, topical zinc, adenosine monophosphate, astragalus, bee propolis, cat’s claw, elderberry, eleutherococcus, kelp, sage, rhubarb cream, sandalwood, tea tree oil, witch hazel.

One of the most popular natural treatments for herpes is a product called Dynamiclear which contains many of the ingredients we discuss above. It can be an effective option for treating this condition.

If you are looking for a remedy, do as much research as you can on each of the natural treatments for herpes and discuss them as alternatives, or supplements, to traditional treatment with a medical professional. Treatment is difficult for viruses because you don’t know if you have eliminated them or if they are simply in remission. The best advice is to read what others have to say about what worked for them, educate yourself on the condition, and investigate the alternatives available to you.

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