3 Powerful Herbs For Acne

If you are struggling with acne, you may have tried a wide variety of creams and medications in hopes of seeing results. Perhaps you're even seeing a dermatologist on a regular basis who is trying out all sorts of different protocols to get your breakouts under control.

However, very often the answer lies in addressing the body's health from a holistic perspective.  It's not a matter of masking the problem; rather it comes down to determining why the breakouts are happening in the first place and addressing the problem at its source.  That's the only way to really get rid of your blemishes for good.

Here are 3 outstanding herbal treatments that help create healthier skin and a more balanced internal terrain. These natural remedies together or on their own just might be the solution you've been trying to find.

1) Aloe Vera: As you may be aware, Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that provides a very soothing and healing gel when the plant's leaves are opened.  You may have used it after you've spent a little too much time in the sun and your skin has burned.

Similarly, applying Aloe Vera gel on facial and body acne can lessen redness and inflammation in a short period of time.  In studies, it has been shown to have healing benefits for a wide range of skin conditions. 

Interestingly, drinking Aloe Vera juice can actually  improve the internal health of the body and alkalize (raise) the body's pH.  Increasing the body's alkalinity makes it an unfriendly place for growth of viruses and bacteria and it also creates an environment for smoother, healthier skin on the outside.

To ensure you get the best possible results, look for the International Aloe Science Council Seal of Approval. Also, Aloe Vera should be listed as the first ingredient and not a filler, as it is in many products on store shelves. Lastly, check to see if the product has been unnecessarily processed. You don't want Aloe Vera that has been boiled, freeze-dried or heated.

You can learn more about aloe's benefits here.

2) Melaleuca Essential Oil: Essential oils are very powerful oils containing the essence of a plant or herb. Melaleuca, more commonly known as tea tree oil, can be used to treat a variety of skin conditions, including acne.

Melaleuca naturally fights bacteria on the skin and aids in soothing irritated areas. It is safe to apply topically and should not be used internally like aloe can. Just a little drop applied to pimples will help reduce inflammation.

It's best to purchase essential oils from companies that carry therapeutic grade Melalueca oil. This means they grow and distill the herb so it is potent enough to address health issues.  There are a number of tea tree oil products on the market that don't contain enough active ingredient to make a difference...so many sure it's high quality.

3) Sandalwood: Sandalwood is a class of tree that provides a very fragrant and potent oil. Sandalwood powder can be mixed into a paste and applied to the face. This paste will help clear dirt and oil from pores and also help to shrink pores.

Leave the paste on until dry and then rinse with warm water and a wash cloth. Applying this Sandalwood mask once a week will help keep skin in better condition.

When searching for the best Sandalwood powder, look for one that is listed as 100% pure Ayurvedic grade.  Again, using high quality will ensure better results.  It's worth the few extra dollars to find one that will actually work for you.

Taking the time to address skin issues with natural treatments can improve overall health and appearance. It's important to remember that health begins from the inside and works its way out. That's why a healthy diet in combination with the right herbs can go a long way in correcting skin issues. 

Aloe Vera, Melaleuca and Sandalwood are 3 potent herbal remedies that  have provided relief for many people and may be the solution you need to help improve the state of your skin.  Check them out before you resort to strong medications that may do more harm than good.



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