Is Melatonin a Smart Choice For Your Health?

Melatonin side effects can potentially be quite serious, so it's important to find out about this hormonal supplement before you decide to take it to help with sleep or any other with health conditions.

As you might all aware be aware, melatonin is a naturally occurring bodily hormone produced by your pineal gland that is responsible for your body's patterns and rhythms.

As such one of the major functions of melatonin supplements is to readjust the body's biological clock; thereby treating insomnia, jet lag and other sleep disorders.

Some experts believe that the supplement benefits the immune system as well as prevents cancer and other diseases.

Others speak of the anti-aging benefits it provides, citing clinical data showing that melatonin slows down the aging process.

What are the potential melatonin side effects?

As with all hormonal supplements, there are many different potential adverse reactions to contend with which may make this a unwise choice for your condition, unless you find a quality supplement containing recommended dosages.

Hopefully there will be more adequate clinical trials to prove the saftety of melatonin supplements.

Reported side effects include headaches, nausea, depression, nightmares and vivid dreams, irritability, abdominal cramps and dizziness.

There is some evidence of negative effects on the reproductive system as well as decreased sex drive in both men and women.

Since melatonin is a hormone, it can affect many internal body processes. Those with depression might experience worsening symptoms. Others at a higher risk of developing side effects are people with liver disease, seizure disorders and high blood pressure.

Taking the correct dosage is key

If you do decide to supplement melatonin, make sure you stick with the recommended dosage and always consult your physician or qualified medical professional before you begin.

You should probably start with a low dosage - .3mg to 5mg - to treat insomnia and jet lag, perhaps higher for other purposes.

There are also other natural treatments you might want to try for your particular condition before taking this supplement due to the potential for adverse reactions. Exercise and slight lifestyle changes may help with various sleep disorders and other health problems you may be experiencing.

Avoid melatonin side effects with a quality supplement

There are natural products on the market that contain melatonin in safe, recommended dosages along with other therapeutic nutrients that can enhance its effectiveness.

Your best bet is to peruse some of the most popular melatonin supplements and see which one most appeals to you.

You can read what others have to say about each supplement as far as what conditions they used it for and what their experiences were. There are major manufacturers like Natrol, Nature Made and Puritan's Pride along with some smaller specialty brands.

You'll find a wide array of dosages, from 2.5 mg up to 5 mg, with various other ingredients and different flavors to choose from. Take a look at the current offerings and decide which melatonin supplement is right for you.

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