Are MagnaRx Products More Hype Than Reality?

If our Magna Rx review has taught us anything, it is if you see the words "As Seen on TV", you should immediately look somewhere else.

This line of natural enhancement products seems to be mostly hype, with no supporting scientific evidence to back up some truly outrageous claims by the manufacturer.

What is Magna Rx?

The latest in a seemingly endless parade of male enhancement products, it is an herbal pill taken once daily to purportedly increase the length and thickness of the penis.

The manufacturers make many bold, misleading statements, however, which immediately raised red flags at the onset of our investigation.

The first claim is that it will "substantially increase the length of your penis", yet through our extensive review we could not find many customers who achieved significant results with these products.

The official web site plays to your emotions, telling you Magna Rx will "make you a bigger, better man" and "satisfy your lover like never before!" and "size does matter, more than you can imagine!".

Does this sound like a legitimate product from a legitimate company? We don't think so!

Our Magna Rx reviews also revealed a number of claims that are simply untrue:

False Claim 1: The product claims to "increase the number of blood vessels" in the penis. Not possible. No product in the world can create more blood vessels.

False Claim 2: The more you "stretch your penile ligaments", the larger they will become. Not true. If this was the case, we would all have 50-foot long organs by now.

False Claim 3. The more you "use your penis and exercise it", the more developed it will become in size and mass. Completely False. The penis is not a muscle like you would find in your arm, and in fact if the muscle that controlled blood flow was strengthened, erection size would be even smaller!

Through our analysis we've concluded that this is definitely not a great choice for male enhancement. The claims are outrageous and laden with false information.

There is no scientific evidence backing up anything, and the testimonials for Magna Rx we've read don't speak very highly of the product.

Rather, almost all consumers have reported insignificant results, along with poor customer service and dissatisfaction.

Is there a better alternative to MagnaRx?

Along with these products, we've researched dozens of male enhancement supplements on the market and have discovered one that might offer better results for you.

This special natural product is called VigRx Plus and it contains vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and other therapeutic nutrients that may help enhance penis size, treat impotence as well as promote overall male health.

VigRX Plus is specially formulated just for men, and contains a special blend of nutrients that can stimulate circulation to the penis as well as balance the body's natural hormones and relax the mind.

We've come across a number of testimonials of men who have had success with this product. Many have noticed considerable increases in sex drive, erection quality and sexual energy, as well as improvement in overall health.

As with all health supplements, be sure to consult your physician or qualified medical professional before taking any sexual enhancement products, MagnaRx or any other supplements.

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