Can a Natural Kennel Cough Treatment Work Better For Your Pet?

A natural kennel cough treatment may be a better option for your dog as antibiotics and frequent vaccinations can have harmful effects on a pet's long term health.

New evidence shows that a natural approach, such as a high quality herbal remedy, can not only safely treat kennel cough but also improve a dog or cat's overall healthby removing harmful toxins and strengthening their immune systems.

What are the symptoms of kennel cough?

This upper respiratory infection is characterized by severe, dry hacking cough akin to a chest cold in humans that can be contagious to other animals.

Symptoms include a persistent heavy cough oftentimes followed by a gagging which can produce a foam-lime mucus.

It can be caused when a dog or cat is exposed to crowding, dust, cigarette smoke and poorly ventilated areas. One or more of these conditions are usually present in kennels, which is the reason the condition bears this name.

The traditional treatment is a course of antibiotics that can wipe out the infection rather quickly. However, this tends to significantly weaken the immune system, which can cause serious long term health problems.

Pets are often vaccinated to prevent kennel cough from occurring, but too much vaccination can actually compromise a dog's immune system as well, which could lead to new health problems down the road.

That is why more and more pet owners are treating kennel cough with safe natural remedies that can effectively cure the infection without side effects of conventional treatments. These alternative treatments can also help prevent the occurrence of the illness.

Safe, Natural Kennel Cough Treatment

Through our extensive research we have discovered a break through natural kennel cough remedy that many of our staff members have had success with.

This natural product is called KC Defense and it is an all natural herbal remedy with proven ingredients for treating kennel cough as well as other respiratory infections in pets. It has been shown to effectively and safely prevent and treat symptoms.

Try this natural remedy for your dog or cat today and discover how you can cure your dog without the side effects of conventional medication.

As with all pet health supplements, make sure you consult your veterinarian before choosing any product for your dog or cat.

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