These 5 Kelp Health Benefits Make This Superfood a Must

Kelp is a variety of seaweeds belonging to what are called the brown algae family. They grow in large groups called forests in shallow oceans. Many people mistakenly think that all seaweeds are kelp but in truth, the term refers to a particular variety that is now grown and harvested in many areas for its surprising medicinal value.

There are many kelp benefits to be had from these plants and they’re especially beneficial as a supplement, although they are also served as a vegetable in some Asian dishes. Some believe that kelp can actually prolong life as well as make you more beautiful! Check out some of the benefits of this plant and how it can be best used for maximum results.

Significant health benefits of kelp in your diet

A Powerful Detoxifier

Toxins in the body are very harmful to the cells; poisons from everyday products and pollution attack healthy cells and cause them to break down, which in turn can affect your appearance and your overall health. Kelp is a natural detoxifier, as the ocean has some of the best filtering systems found on the planet.

The natural function of the plant in breaking down pollutants so they can be gathered and filtered through the plant’s enzymes work in your body as well as it does in the ocean. Taking a kelp supplement or eating kelp as part of your diet can help to rid your body of toxins and in turn protect your lungs, liver, and other organs that work to detoxify your system.

Boosting the Body’s Immunity

Kelp benefits include its ability to help boost your body’s immunity because it has a high concentration of vitamins and trace minerals. The body’s immune system works by delivering these nutrients to your cells so they stay strong and healthy. When you eat a diet high in the vitamins and trace minerals you need, your immune system is naturally stronger.

Keeping the Skin Firm and Looking Young

One surprising kelp benefit is that it seems to keep the skin firm and looking young. Some studies on kelp have found that it improves skin’s elasticity, so that it stays tight and firm and doesn’t sag as much as a person ages. This may be due to its high concentration of vitamins A, C, and E which are all needed for healthy, radiant skin.

Keeping the Thyroid Healthy

Kelp has a very high iodine concentration, which is necessary for healthy thyroid function. However many people who need to be on a low sodium diet often find that they are lacking iodine in their system. Rather than take a supplement, you can add kelp to your diet and enjoy all its many benefits along with keeping your thyroid healthy.

When your thyroid is dysfunctional this can lead to weight gain and fatigue along with many other health concerns. Healthy levels of iodine and a healthy thyroid can actually aid in weight loss and in endurance and even sports performance, another benefit of kelp.

Specific Benefits for Women

Kelp is very high in calcium and iron as well as folic acid, an important B vitamin needed for healthy pregnancies. Women of all ages can benefit from kelp supplements as they need extra calcium in order to support bone health, and iron for good blood production and circulation.

Because there are so many benefits to this plant, consider using it in your everyday diet. Kelp noodles can be used in place of spaghetti and kelp flakes can add crunch to soups and salads.

There are also many supplements available if you don’t care for the taste, so you can enjoy optimal health from this amazing underwater vegetable.

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