Holy Basil That's A Powerful Herb!

Holy basil can benefit your body both inside and out, as the herb contains powerful compounds with therapeutic capabilities.

The plant is native to India and for years it has been used in traditional Indian medicine. It is revered as being sacred by those in the Hindu religion, hence the name. In ndia, holy basil is often planted around Hindu shrines and the seeds are used for making certain medicines and topical ointments.

If you’re interested in trying a natural supplement or topical treatment for yourself, consider some holy basil benefits, either when used in cooking or when used directly on the skin.

Add it to soups, sauces and other dishes

Holy basil has a very pungent aroma and taste and is closely related to sweet basil, although its taste is much more savory with a bit of a bite or peppery flavor. It is often used in cooking and preparing hot sauces and savory soups because of its strong taste.

Holy basil seeds are said to have a strong anti-inflammatory property which helps the body to fight off conditions related to inflammation and swelling. It is also strong in antioxidants, which fight free radicals. Free radicals are chemicals and other harmful agents found in the environment that attack healthy cells.

When taken internally these properties of holy basil are thought to treat the common cold as well as to help fend off the flu. Holy basil can regulate diabetes and keep asthma attacks under control. It is also used to quell an upset stomach and bring down a fever.

Holy basil benefits also include treating bronchitis and even tuberculosis. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties it can also help treat heart disease and a number  of heart-related and circulatory problems.

You can apply holy basil to your skin as well

Many use holy basil as a natural mosquito repellant as the fragrance itself usually keeps mosquitoes at bay. It can also be applied to the skin to help heal mosquito, snake and even scorpion bites.

Using holy basil seed oil can also help to keep the skin healthy. Its antioxidant properties help to nourish and protect the skin. This oil can be used in a massage or as a body oil on a daily basis.

One special benefit to holy basil is that it helps the body adapt to stress more naturally. When the body is stressed it releases a number of hormones to prepare the “fight or flight” response and holy basil decreases these stress hormones so they stay at healthy levels.

This does not alter a person’s mood in any way but it does help the body to adjust so that stress is not overwhelming. This benefit of holy basil is strongest when it’s taken internally, but using the oils from the seeds on a regular basis can allow the body to absorb its healthful properties and alleviate stress.

Where can I purchase holy basil?

We have found sources for extremely high quality basil leaf supplements that meet  all of the requirements we mentioned above:

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2. They are developed by a highly-trained, well-credentialed  scientific team ensuring the efficacy of the product.

3.  They are milled, blended and packages precisely using the most modern techniques to ensure efficacy.

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As with all health supplements, results vary from person to person so be sure to consult your physician or qualified herbal professional before taking any supplement for holy basil leaf benefits or other herbal supplements.

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