Five Powerful Immunity Boosters

Herbs for boosting immune system strength are readily available and they really work. If you have frequent colds, come down with the flu every year or work in an environment where exposure to viruses is one of the inherent risks, your body’s immune system can use some help.

Here are 5 powerful herbs to consider taking on a regular basis.


Echinacea is a member of the daisy family. It is more commonly known as the coneflower. You see the flower in gardens all over the south.

In 2007, a study was conducted by the University of Connecticut that indicated Echinacea supplements reduce the risk of coming down with a cold by more than half. The study consisted of exposing volunteers to the active rhinovirus, the usual cause of the common cold.

If you do catch a cold while you are taking the supplements, it might not last as long as usual. On the average, people who do not use Echinacea have symptoms for about a day and a half longer than those who do take the supplement.

Other studies have shown that Echinacea can be taken at the first sign of a cold to reduce symptoms and reduce the symptom duration. Over the years, dozens of studies have been conducted concerning the plant because of its long history of use. 

Olive Leaf Extract

Olive leaf is another herb that has been used historically to treat a wide range of illnesses. Modern research has shown that extracts from the leaves have antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal activity. So, there are good reasons to take this supplement on a regular basis or an as-needed basis for infections of all kinds.  


Like olive leaf extract, turmeric has a wide range of immune system boosting properties. It was used historically in India to treat illnesses caused by infection and modern research supports the use of the supplements. Extracts from the leaves have antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-parasitic activity.

Black Cumin Extract

Black cumin is nigella sativa. The seed is used as a spice and all parts of the leaves have medicinal properties. This is one immune system herb that is worth trying because of its long history of use and relative safety. Large doses should not be taken, however, because they could be toxic. Remember that herbs are just like medicines. Overdose is possible.

Indian Echinacea

Indian Echinacea is also called andrographis paniculata. The leaves and roots have medicinal activity similar to modern antibiotics. They were used extensively before antibiotics became available and are still widely used in parts of Asia to treat a variety of different infections.

Those are the top 5 immune boosting herbs. There are probably many of others. The benefits of the 5 you have read about here are supported by modern science, so they're worth considering.

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