Herbs For High Blood Pressure Provide Natural Hypertension Relief

Herbs for high blood pressure may help relieve this dangerous condition which affects more than 40 million people. This serious condition, also known as hypertension, could lead to a heart attack or stroke, and could damage other vital organs as well.

Most cases of HBP are due to constriction of the arteries. It can also be brought on from kidney problems, increased stress, poor diet habits, lack of exercise and dangerous toxins circulating in your system.

Several natural herbs have been shown to treat hypertension effectively, in conjunction with good eating habits and a healthy lifestyle. In additional to alleviating blood pressure, many natural supplements can lower cholesterol and fight arteriosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, offering additional cardiovascular benefits.

The Best Herbs for Hypertension

Turmeric - a powerful East-Indian herb used in curry dishes, turmeric extract contains curcumin which is a strong anti-inflammatory. Curcumin helps lower cholesterol and prevents clot formation. Its antioxidant ability improves blood flow and strengthens blood vessels. Turmeric also aids in liver metabolism.

Ginkgo Biloba - from the large tree indigenous to the mountains of China, gingko biloba improves blood circulation and dilates arteries, reducing blood pressure. Gingko also aids in improving memory and mental alertness due to increased blood flow to the brain.

Hawthorn Berry - Also known as the mayflower, hawthorn opens the coronary arteries and improves blood flow. Hawthorn berry for hypertension reduces artery hardening and strengthens heart muscle making it more effective in delivering blood to the body.

Maitake - from the Chinese mushroom, maitake extract acts to decrease both systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Maitake also lowers blood cholesterol levels.

Ginger Root - commonly used in Asian cooking, ginger acts to improve blood circulation and relaxes muscles surrounding blood vessels. Ginger is also a powerful digestive herb that helps alleviate uneasiness and nausea.

Olive Leaf- from the olive tree native to the Mediterranean region, olive leaf extract helps in lowering blood pressure and combats arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat.

In addition to herbs for HBP, there are other nutrients that can help with hypertension and help your heart and circulatory system.

Other Vital Nutrients For Your Heart

Coenzyme Q10 - a vitamin-like substance found naturally in the body, coenzyme Q10 is an essential nutrient for the well-being and proper functioning of the heart.

Calcium & Magnesium - both of these minerals have been shown to help reduce blood pressure.

Vitamin E - studies show Vitamin E may help reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

Vitamin C - used in conjunction with Vitamin E it may slow the progression of atheroscleroisis.

Vitamin B6, B12 & Folic Acid - when combined together there is evidence to suggest that these nutrients lower the risk of heart attack.

What's the best way to lower blood pressure?

The best way to lower high blood pressure is to maintain a proper diet and lifestyle. Taking care of your body and particularly your heart and circulatory system is a must for optimal health.

Dietary Recommendation

You should try to lower your intake of cholesterol. High cholesterol is a contributing factor to heart disease.

Eat a lot of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, poultry and nuts.

Reduce your intake of trans fats found in margarines and spreads andhydrogenated oils found in processed and refined foods.

Use extra virgin olive oil and garlic in your cooking...both have been shown to lower LDL cholesterol.

You should definitely add Omega 3 essential fatty acids to your diet. A good source of these are flax oil and cod liver oil. Even better perhaps is fish oil, which contains two essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, which have been recently shown to increase heart health. These fatty acids are extremely helpful in promoting general health and well-being.

Exercise Recommendation

Moderate exercise, primarily aerobic such as running or swimming can reduce blood pressure. Exercise is important for helping blood flow and increasing metabolism.

Supplementation Recommendation

For many people, high blood pressure can be treated with the above herbs for high blood pressure and other natural nutrients. If however hypertension still exists, it might be necessary to take a prescription medication. In either case you should consult with a qualified medical professional before taking anything to help alleviate the problem.

Do they make supplements for HBP?

There are a number of formulas on the market that may be helpful when it comes to high blood pressure. One that we have come across is called High-Rite For High Blood Pressure Control and it is a homeopathic supplement containing many of the natural herbs we discuss on this page. Many people have achieved positive results with this specialty product and there are reviews that you can take a look at to glean more specific information.

Of course, different people will see different results with this and any other natural or conventional treatment, so it's just a matter of trying it and seeing if it works for you.

Your best bet is paying careful attention to your diet on a daily basis as well as incorporating as much exercise as possible.  This will definitely have a positive effect on your blood pressure as well as your cardiovascular health in general.  You can visit our Heart Health page for more information as well.

As with all health supplements, results vary from person to person so be sure to consult your physician or qualified herbal professional before taking any natural supplement to lower blood pressure.

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