Hashimotos Disease

Safe, natural treatments for Hashimotos Thyroiditis

Hashimotos Disease is a condition which affects the thyroid gland, negatively influencing its function and activity.

Thyroid disorders can be treated with prescription medications, yet due to the many potential adverse side effects, more and more people are turning to safe, natural remedies.

What is Hashimotos Thyroiditis?

Also known as chronic autoimmune thyroiditis, it is characterized by the buildup of antibodies that attack the thyroid gland.

This results in damage to the gland tissue and the inability of the gland to function properly.

Hashimotos disease is thought to be genetically influenced, and can be magnified though exposure to toxic factors such as heavy metals, chronic allergies and radioactive pollutants.

How is Hashimotos Disease treated?

Hashimotos thyroiditis can be treated with medication, and in many cases it is effective. 

However, due to the risks of prescription drugs, including the potential for an over-production of thyroid hormone, natural remedies may be a safer alternative.

Following are some of the natural Hashimotos thyroiditis treatments:

Fucus vesiculosis - known as bladderwrack or kelp, this sea vegetable has been used for thousands of years for its iodine content, crucial for the prevention of thyroid problems. Fucus activates thyroid function and improves hormone availability.

Avena sativa - From the wild oat plant, an effective tonic for improving thyroid function as well as other health benefits.

Coleus forskohlii - A well-regarded natural remedy that can increase thyroid hormone production and stimulate its release and function.

Featured Hashimotos Treatment

Through our extensive research, we have discovered an effective natural thyroid treatment that we have had great success with.

The product is called Thyroid Assist and it contains all natural herbs for the treatment of thyroid disorders, including the thyroid stimulating herbal extracts we mention above.

Thyroid Assist is specially formulated to restore healthy thyroid function, as well as treat iodine deficiency, ensure hormone production and relieve the symptoms associated with Hashimotos thyroiditis.

If you have thyroid problems, take a look at this safe, natural thyroid treatment and discover how you can improve your health today.

As with all health supplements, please be sure to consult your physician before taking any supplements to treat Hashimotos Disease, Hashimotos thyroiditis or any thyroid problems. 

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