The Dangers of Collagen Injections Are Not Worth the Risk

Facial collagen injections can smooth wrinkles and fill in lines, but painful side effects and high costs detract many would-be candidates from having this procedure.

Even if the surgery is successful, and you don't suffer any adverse reactions at all, the results from getting this procedure done anywhere on the face are only temporary, lasting just a few months for some people

How does the procedure work?

There are literally hundreds of products and procedures out there to help 

In this particular procedure, collagen, a naturally occurring component of your skin that decreases over time, is injected below the surface of the skin to fill in lines, wrinkles and creases.

When injected into the lips, one of the most common procedures, it can make them appear plumper and fuller. This remains a popular treatment for Hollywood types. The problem is that there are risks involved, and some people who want to have this treatment may suffer serious complications.

One of the main concerns of facial collagen injections is allergic reactions, and patients are urged to have an allergy test before they proceed.

Redness, swelling, puffiness, rashes, hives and itching are all possible adverse effects.

Also, people with a history of heart disease, immune complications and beef allergies are advised not to undergo collagen lip injection or other procedures, as well as pregnant women.

Due to the possible side effects, as well as the need for continual treatments as the effects are short-lived, you might be better off with an alternative skin care product.

There are anti-aging products on the market that actually do work, and some of them have been shown to significantly reduce wrinkles and fine lines, without the painful side effects of facial injections.

Before you decide to undergo a risky surgical procedure, why not see if one of these products works for you?

Featured Skin Care Product

About a year ago we discovered a breakthrough skin care product that we have experienced tremendous success with.

In our studies it was significantly more effective than facial collagen injections, without the potential side effects.

This special product is called Age Defense Day Cream and it contains special ingredients that are naturally found in human skin and critical to its appearance.

The company offers a full line of day and night skin care products for both men and women, and may help you with problem areas. Of course, it takes time to see results, but if you can achieve those desired results naturally rather than paying thousands for surgical procedures that oftentimes don't work that well, we think it makes a lot of sense.

Collagen injections often make you look cartoonish, as evidenced by actress Lisa Rinna, Meg Ryan and Housewife Taylor Armstrong, among others. Although the puffiness usually fades, too many procedures can leave permanent's just not worth the risk. 

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