Are Facial Chemical Peels Your Best Bet For Wrinkles?

Facial chemical peels are very popular with people who are looking for an anti-aging process, but there are risks associated with this procedure that you should be aware of.

This dermatological procedure can provide a temporary solution, but it doesn't work for everybody, and since it is an expensive treatment, you may be better off with an alternative skin care product.

What is a facial chemical peel?

It involves the application of chemicals to remove the outer layer and reveal the smoother, healthier skin that lies underneath.

There are many chemicals used in this process, but alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs), trichloroacetic acids (TCA) and phenol are the most popular.

Each of these peels offers varying degrees of treatment...AHAs such as fruit and glycolic acids are the mildest and can treat small wrinkles and dryness. Phenol peels are much stronger and work deeply on coarse wrinkles and blotchy, damaged skin.

The problem is that unless performed by a highly skilled surgeon, there could be complications and side effects to contend with.

Even with a professional, there is the potential for scarring and infection, as well as redness, stinging and irritation.

With some of the stronger peels, your skin will lose the ability to produce pigment, so you will always need to wear sun protection.

So you can see that a this may not be the best option for you, as there are many risks involved, not to mention the expense of multiple procedures.

That's why an effective skin cream might be a safer option, as you can often achieve similar results without the potential side well as save a lot of money.

Featured Anti-Aging Supplement

We're always on the lookout for high quality supplements of all kinds, whether they are oral or topical. We recently came upon a very good line of skin care products with proven ingredients to help with wrinkles and fine lines over time.

It's called Xtend Life Skincare and its made up of all natural herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that can revitalize your skin, smoothing it out and eliminating blemishes and marks.

Although the results won't be as quick as it might be with a chemical peel, over time with regular usage they can make a significant difference. And you avoid the high costs and side effects of facial peels. So it's worth a try, wouldn't you agree?

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