Are Extagen Pills Safe or Are There Better Alternatives?

Our Extagen review shows that these male enhancement pills may not be the best choice, as it contains some controversial ingredients that may cause serious side effects.

As such, you may be better off with an alternative to Extagen capsules, to avoid the potential adverse reactions to these pills.

What is Extagen and how does it work?

It is one of the newer herbal male enhancement products on the market, with claims that it can increase the size of the penis by stimulating blood flow to the area.

Although there are herbs in Extagen capsules that can actually help you maintain an erection and increase desire, such as maca extract, muira puama, and ginseng, our review has revealed that the main ingredient yohimbe gives cause for alarm.

Although yohimbe has been shown to help treat impotence, there have beenvery serious side effects reported to the FDA by people using yohimbe products.

Some of these include renal failure, seizures and even death. There is also evidence that yohimbe could cause the following: promotion of prostate enlargement (BPH), neurotransmitter imbalance (those with depression or anxiety may be at greater risk), changes in heart rhythm, painful prolonged erection, and muscle paralysis.

Yohimbe is on the May 2004 Consumer Guide "12 Supplements You Should Avoid" list, with change in blood pressure, heart attack and deaths cited as potential problems.

Extagen Review Bottom Line:

Although there are some decent herbs in Extagen capsules that can promote sexual activity, the fact that the main ingredient has been shown to cause so many very serious health problems, we don't believe it's worth the risk.

We believe you are better off with a safe, natural herbal alternative that can accomplish the same effect without the potential side effects.

*UPDATE* Our latest review has revealed that this product may no longer be for sale, as we have been unable to find it available for sale online.  One of the places we always check for older pills and supplements is Amazon, and it is not there either.  They must have discontinued Extagen, which isn't a bad thing!

Is there a better alternative to Extagen?

Through our extensive research we have discovered an herbal supplement that many have reported great success with.

The product contains all of the natural herbs that promote sexual energy and desire, and has helped many people improve their sex lives significantly.

This special natural product is called VigRx Plus and it contains all natural ingredients that not only increase circulation to the penis as other male enhancement drugs do, but also increase sex drive, boost your sexual energy and enhance pleasure.

We looked into the company that makes this natural formula and have found that they adhere to the highest manufacturing standards. This ensures the quality and effectiveness of the ingredients.

Also, they only use standardized herbal extracts, the purest herbal extracts with the highest quality and therapeutic benefits.

Take a look at this special formula and decide if it is right for you. For us, VigRx Plus is a viable natural alternative to achieve great results without having to deal with the potential problems with Extagen.

As with all health supplements, be sure to consult your physician or qualified medical professional before taking any natural supplement to help with male health issues.

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