Is Enzyte an effective impotence treatment or is it all marketing?

More and more people want to know...does Enzyte work? By now we have all seen the commercials with the man who cannot stop smiling now that he is taking the new herbal impotence medication.

Like Viagra and Levitra, Enzyte is used to help treat male impotence, or erectile dysfunction. It is an oral medication that helps men maintain erections by increasing blood flow to the penis. ED is a common problem in males, and can be due to a variety of internal and external stresses.

What makes Enzyte different from other impotence medications is that it is non-prescription, and is made up primarily of herbal extracts. But although it is a natural alternative to prescription medications, there are still potential side effects to contend with.

But does Enzyte work or no?

From what we can tell, results seem to be mixed. Some people have reported positive results, while others have seen no significant improvements. So like with most prescription and non-prescription products, it works for some and not others.

We did take a look at the web site to find out more information about the product. According to the official Enzyte web site, following are the ingredients:

Tribulus Terrestris extract (aerial), L-Arginine Base, Korean Ginseng, Maca (Lepidium meyenii) (root), Orchic Substance, Epimedium Sagittatum extract (aerial), Yohimbe Extract (Pausinystalia yohimba)(bark), Muira Puama (aerial), Avena Sativa extract (aerial), Zinc Gluconate-200% DV, Ginkgo Biloba extract (leaf), Saw Palmetto (Serona repens) (berries), Niacin-150% DV, Copper Gluconate-200% DV, Octacosonal, Thymus Gland.

As you can see there are a lot of natural herbs in the product. However, we could not find out any details regarding the quality of these herbs or other ingredients.

UPDATE: It's interesting to note that when we returned to the website years after our initial review, the product is now called Enzyte 24/7, it is now a capsule instead of a tablet and the ingredient list has changed dramatically. There are only a fraction of the original ingredients left, and here they are:

Asian Ginseng, Gingko, Grape Seed Extract, Horny Goat Weed, Muira Puama, Niacin, Zinc and Copper

So a few herbs remain and some have been removed for one reason or another.

Through our extensive research of health products we discovered that the most therapeutic benefits come from standardized herbal extracts. These are the purest form of these herbs, with the most active ingredient. The Enzyte web site does not specify what parts of the herbs they use, so you don't know how effective the herbal extracts in Enzyte actually are.

Also, there is no mention of manufacturing practices, so you don't know if the makers of Enzyte follow strict manufacturing standards, or even who has designed this product. Is it formulated by a well-credentialed scientific team or just a bunch of marketers looking to make a profit?

The Enzyte web site does not contain much background information, so it is very difficult to judge if Enzyte will work or not.

Are there any side effects of Enzyte?

The Enzyte web site does not have extensive side effects information, but it does caution visitors about one particular ingredient, Yohimbe extract.

Yohimbe is an African tree with a bark that contains powerful therapeutic compounds. Yohimbe has been used to treat coughs and fevers, and in recent times has been used as an aphrodisiac.

However yohimbe has been known to cause many side effects, such asdizziness, insomnia, nausea and anxiety. It can also increase blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature.

Yohimbe should not be taken in anyone with kidney conditions, heart problems, diabetes or stomach ulcers, or in conjunction with antidepressant medications.

So one of the ingredients of Enzyte is potentially dangerous, so you might want to avoid Enzyte and look for some other options for this reason.

UPDATE: Yohimbe is no longer in the product so this is not a concern.

Is Enzyte a good natural alternative?

As you can tell if you've read through our site, natural alternatives can be very effective for some people, and are worth considering, especially if they can save you from experiencing the side effects of prescription medications.

If you are interested in trying Enzyte, your best bet as far as prices is Amazon, as they always have discounted prices and special deals that you can take advantage of.

As with all health supplements, be sure to consult your physician or qualified medical professional before taking a natural supplement to avoid the possible adverse reactions.

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