Angelica Root Has Many Benefits

Angelica root has a history tightly interwoven with folk-lore and myth.  Legend says that it was revealed by an angel in a dream as a cure for the plague. Writers of old have written about it and the herb was associated with many Pagan festivals. It has been held up historically as protection from the contagion, a blood purifier and a cure for nearly every illness.

Angelica Root is sometimes called “the root of the holy ghost.”  Its name is said to originate from the fact that it blooms on the day of Michael the Angel, or May 8. Because of the attribution of heavenly qualities, the root has been used as a fortification against evil spirits, witchcraft and spells. In Afrikan vodun traditions, the root is considered to have magical feminine power.

Angelica Root is closely related to Dong Quai, a widely respected tonic in Chinese medicine, revered for its ability to fortify and balance the female endocrine system. Historically, it has been used to address fevers, colds and congestion. It has a warming effect on the lungs, causing them to expel congestion. It is also a traditional birthing herb, helpful when dealing with a delayed labor. The root also helps expel the placenta in childbirth.

The roots of the Angelica plant are long, fleshy and very thick. They are large and sometimes can way up to 3 pounds. Many descending rootlets hang from the base. This plant is known for its unique, pervasive aroma, reminding some of Juniper and still others of Musk. Even the roots have this unique fragrance wafting from them.

What are the modern uses for angelica?

Like Dong Quai, angelica root can have positive effects on female issues. The root is used to balance painful menstruation, and also is helpful for those with imbalanced cycles. It is also helpful in the face of bloating and cramps.

Heart health and high blood pressure can potentially be addressed with Angelica root. It has compounds that behave similarly to calcium channel blockers, which are common treatments for those with these maladies. It can be useful for coughs, pleurisy, colic, rheumatism and urinary diseases.

As a bitter digestive aid, the herb is helpful for calming a nervous stomach, and may provide relief for those with digestive disorders from tension. The fruit, leaf and root of the  plant can help lessen gas and also stimulate digestion. The young stems and leaves can be used in many ways. They are suitable for salads, roasting and making tea.

Are there any precautions?

Angelica should not be taken by pregnant women.  It is a emmenagogue, a substance powerful for inducing menstruation. It also contains coumarin, which can interfere with anti-coagulants drugs. The two should not be combined. It can also cause sugar in the urine and is not a good idea for diabetics.

Before taking Angelica, you should consult with your physician and ensure that there are no interactions with your current medications. It is important to stick to the recommended dosages on the label of your supplement. Moderation is essential in addressing health and wellness.

How do you find a high quality supplement?

When looking for a high-quality source of Angelica root, look for a company that does independent laboratory analysis of their products to ensure high quality standards. Also, companies that have complete control of the milling and packaging process will have higher quality supplements. Ensuring that you purchase a pure and potent source of Angelica root will help you get the best results.

Angelica root is available in many forms.  The most natural state is the raw herb, usually sold by the bag. Tinctures and capsules are also available with the root powder. Additionally, some companies offer tea bags of  the herb. Look for products labeled 'organic' and 'whole herb' to ensure you are getting the most potent variety.

One of the best sources for all forms of angelica root is a company called Starwest Botanicals.

They have been in business for many years and have some of the highest quality control practices in the industry.  They have a very high customer retention rate as well which speaks to the quality and efficacy of their products.  Take a look and see for yourself.

The world of natural medicine is exciting and full of interesting solutions to modern (and ancient) health issues.  Angelica root has stood the test of time and has been used by numerous people groups throughout history. Its history of being a powerful solution to a wide range of illnesses makes it a wonderful option to keep on hand. Look for a high-quality Angelica root supplement and enjoy the benefits to your health.

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