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Herbal Supplements Spotlight, Issue 013 -- The Newest Weight Loss Hoax
August 24, 2005

The Newest Weight Loss Hoax

CortiSlim and other Cortisol Blockers

Perhaps you've seen commercials for CortiSlim, CortiBurn or one of the other cortisol blockers, the latest in a seemingless endless line of "miracle" weight loss products.

They all claim that the reason you are overweight is not your fault, that in fact it is due to stress and by regulating your stress response you can lose those dreaded extra pounds!

Huh? So it has nothing to do with all of those cheeseburgers and the fact that I haven't exercised since I was 15? I'll be darned!

The fact is, stress has very little to do with obesity. The claims made by these advertisers are completely misleading and not based on any real scientific evidence. As a result the companies that manufacture these "cortisol blockers" have come under fire, and many are facing some very serious lawsuits.

Here are the real facts on stress and weight gain:

1. Although cortisol (stress hormone) can trigger fat deposit, it only occurs when large amounts of cortisol are produced as a result of medication you might be taking or a hormonal imbalance. In other words, a normal individual, even when stressed, does not produce the amount of cortisol that would lead to weight gain.

2. Most of the popular "cortisol blockers" including CortiSlim do not contain any ingredients that affect the body's cortisol levels according to some experts. So they don't even do what they claim to.

3. The FTC has filed suit against CortiSlim for making false and unsubstantiated claims about their product (October 2004), with more legal action expected in the months to come.

So as you can see, these new products are probably not the best choice if you're looking for help losing weight. There is no evidence that stress has anything to do with weight gain, the ingredients in these products don't even affect cortisol levels and the government is bringing action against the manufacturers for making false claims.

That's all I need to hear to dismiss cortisol blockers as just another scam to make quick money off of an unsuspecting public. And since people are always in search of a miracle product to help them with their weight problem, products like these will forever be flooding the market.

Since there is very little regulation when it comes to dietary supplements, they can be marketed quite easily without the need to show that they really work...this opens the door for many unscrupulous marketers.

They make millions, pay a few hundred thousand in legal fees and damages, and they're off to their next scam under a new name, with a new "miracle" product.

The best way to lose weight has been and always will be a healthy diet and exercise program. If you need an extra push, look for a weight loss supplement with high quality, scientifically proven ingredients. Read about the company that manufactures the long have they been in business? Have they been under investigation or faced any legal trouble?

Remember, dietary supplements are not regulated like pharmaceutical drugs are...they do not adhere to any significant manufacturing standards...therefore, you should research them extensively before you decide to take them for weight loss or any other reason.

For more information on supplements, visit our web site at Herbal Supplements Guide.

Until next time, here's to your health!

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